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I know, I know. I have been MIA for about a month. Trust me I have a good excuse. I have been busy, extremely busy. I am currently sitting in a hotel in Warren Ohio rehydrating from a long hot day on the range participating in a Critical Defensive Handgun course put on by Safety Solutions Academy. Two weeks before this I was rolling around in the red Missouri dirt with Defensive Engagement Concepts in their Tac 2 pistol. I have taken tons of notes and have a lot of new concepts to use for topics later on. Obviously I will be doing an after action report for these classes as soon as I can get a breather. Unfortunately for the blog and my readers I will be back in a 3 day course in a little over a week then back to being the instructor instead of the student.

Long story short I am still alive and I have lived on a range nearly every weekend…. AND I LOVE IT. I am gaining more stuff to bring to the blog and to Valkyrie Defense Group. I am going to try to focus a little more on getting content out because we have picked up a few more readers from a lot of the VDG classes and I know they would like to hear more from me. (They told me.)

I hope you all have gotten out and got your fingers on some triggers and used the time you spend on the range effectively.

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Over the weekend we had yet another Concealed Handgun Class and we were covering the subject of cleaning your handgun. We usually snicker when we read the NRA suggestion of cleaning after every time you shoot your gun. The instructors that help us at Valkyrie Defense Group are all guilty of going pretty long durations before our guns get anymore than just a wipe down. Let’s face it if I cleaned my guns every time I fired them my son would probably not know who I am. One reason I love instructing is when I am talking or answering questions sometimes I will have a little epiphany or in this situation a realization and when I do I try to make a mental note to come back here to share.

Yesterday talking about cleaning it hit me that I never carry a “clean” gun. I have this weird habit of when I clean any of my carry guns I will not feel right carrying it until I have shot a magazine through it to perform a function test. I want to be absolutely sure that the gun was put back together properly before I want to depend my life on it. The last thing I want is to clean my gun and head out into a situation where I need to defend my life with it and get a click instead of a bang in that critical moment. The new R51 is a gun that has me thinking this needs to be considered more and more for people.

When you re-assemble the R51 you must slip a small tab on the slide stop of the gun underneath this little spring. You must insert it perfectly parallel to the slide. If you tilt the slide stop upwards by as little as a 1/16th of an inch, if it rides above the spring, the gun will malfunction.

Just to make sure I’m not just picking on the R51, my Ruger LCP requires the recoil spring to be replaced a certain way. If not it will fail to eject on nearly every shot.

How about you? Have you ever thought about function testing your gun before you depend your life on it? Head over to the Facebook page and let me know if this is something that has ever crossed your mind or if you do something similar. While you are there make sure you give me a like to keep up to date on all the pictures of some of the projects I’m working on.

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Ohio saw a 50% increase over 2012 in permits issued last year. That is a huge increase. I am proud to say that Valkyrie Defense Group was there to assist in that increase.

We always start the class by asking why the students are here. We always get a variety of answers but the one that is answered the most is “for protection.” People can see that the gun is the great equalizer. With a gun the 70 year old lady is no longer the ultimate victim in the eyes of the criminal. The knife, the ballbat, and the harsh words don’t have the same effect as the gun. The gun gives the weak little lamb fangs, and wolves are afraid of other animals with fangs because they don’t want bit either.

If you are interested in training contact us soon, classes are filling up quickly. We are also in the process of putting together our advanced classes and the prerequisite for those classes will be to already have your CHL. You can contact Valkyrie Defense Group through our website or on Facebook. We hope to see you in our classroom soon.

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Valkyrie Defense Group is proud to announce that we are making our new home at Fresno Gun Club in Coshocton Ohio. We are excited to see all the doors and opportunities this opens to us.

We have had a lot of interest in advanced pistol classes in the last 6 months and have been waiting to set any dates or make any promises until we found the proper place to hold these types of classes The club features two classrooms, indoor rimfire range, and outdoor rifle shotgun and pistol ranges.

We are busy working on getting some new classes written up to go along with our already popular CHL class. By the time weather breaks we are hoping to have the details ironed out. If you have any specific areas you would like to see featured in our classes let us know. We are here to put on the best class we can for our students and give them what they want.

March dates are pretty filled up and warmer weather is approaching. Our first class at our new location will be on March 16. If you are interested in any of our classes please contact us as soon as you can to reserve your date. You can click the Valkyrie Defense tab above and see all the ways to contact us. I am fairly certain that dates will be going quickly as soon as people see the grass getting greener. We have dates in April open still as of now.

Again, we are excited to bring this news to everyone. The company is growing faster than we ever thought. We really feel it is a testament towards our commitment to bringing the best knowledge and information to our students. Make sure you head over to our Facebook page and like the page so you can keep up to date with all of our upcoming classes.

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There is a new Giveaway underway that I wanted to pass along to all the readers and subscribers. My buddy Adam over at NUoSU Concealment is offering a free holster and Valkyrie Defense is tossing in a t-shirt to one lucky winner. How do I win you ask?? First you need to LIKE NUoSU Concealment on Facebook along with the last status he posted up. Then you need to Like Absolute BS Blog on Facebook and Valkyrie Defense Group on Facebook.

Adam said this giveaway is good for any style holster he makes. If you want to look at the wide array of styles he makes you can see them all on his photo stream here. The Valkyrie Defense t-shirt is for any size and any color….. as long as that color is black.

Ok so one more time on how to get registered to win.

  1. LIKE NUoSU Concealment
  2. Like his status announcing the Giveaway.
  3. Like Absolute BS Blog
  4. Like Valkyrie Defense Group

It is that easy. One person that does all 4 of those things will the lucky winner. Good luck!

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The anniversary giveaway winner sent me some photos and a thank you yesterday.

John M was the big winner of the Valkyrie Defense Group shirt and some of the remaining stickers left over from SHOT Show last year.

I think John enjoyed the shirt. The message he sent along with the pics said “shirts here, looks nasty nice…” Well thanks John! I hope you enjoy it.



You too can be a winner of the next drawing by simply liking the Absolute BS Facebook page. A little tip for anyone out there looking for a chance to win a VDG shirt like John you should head over to the Valkyrie Defense Group Facebook also and like it. There may or may not be a giveaway coming from over there soon… Just saying.

Again, thanks for everyone’s participation and I will be looking for another opportunity to do another giveaway in the future. Congrats John and I hope you enjoy the shirt.

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This week so far I have been trying to make it home and thawed out in time to get something of relevance out but have been coming up short. Every night I have started a post and pitched it before it was done. I think the cold has been destroying my creative side.


I work outside and the last couple days have really reminded me what cold temps will do to the body. Since I work out in the weather all year round, I am looked at funny a lot because I rarely wear anything more than a light jacket in the winter. Standing outside in -20° temps for long periods of time will change a man apparently. But those who aren’t as acclimated to the weather as I am can learn a thing or two from a podcast I listened to a few years ago from Paul Carlson on the Safety Solutions Academy Podcast. Paul goes into detail about how to dress for winter and the science behind it. If you don’t have time to listen to it he has the written outline of the show in the show notes below.

I have also been pretty busy prepping for Valkyrie Defense Group Concealed Handgun classes that are coming up. We are booked through mid February so if you are in Ohio and need to take your class we would love to have you.  You can contact us on our Facebook page. If you are want us to come to you when the weather breaks, get with us soon. The way our schedule looks with the cold weather here we are going to be a busy bunch when warmer weather comes so book your dates now. This weekend we will have one of our biggest classes yet and I will be sure to get some photos to share.

Speaking of VDG, I have also been busy ironing out the details on some new swag items. By the end of the week we will have shirts available at classes and upon request. I have a sample of window decals and another sampling of hats coming too. Patches are in the works, but my vendor fell through. So now I am stuck without a vendor so if anyone has a good patch maker please get with me. Send me a pm on Facebook or an email from here.

I am still working on those projects I hinted to last week and they are coming along great. I am waiting on some photos to come back so I can finish up one this week or next. The other is going to depend on the time it takes to get some parts in from a manufacturer so it is up to them on when it will be finished.

Again sorry for the slow down. It seems I put a good week of posts out then get hammered with other stuff and can’t bring you all decent content. I feel it is better to skip a day or two than to put out mediocre material. If you think differently feel free to let me know. And if you have a subject or question that you want touched on let me know. Be sure to hit up the Facebook and like the page if you haven’t already. Last but not least–stay warm out there!


Reel feel -29!!!!

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