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Second Legion

Posted: March 10, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Now that it is pretty clear that Shooters Legion isn’t coming back anytime soon the shoes have been quickly filled by a new kid on the block. Second Legion has hit the scene and has become closer to what the old site aimed for. Shooters Legion started out wanting to be the new Facebook for shooter. Second Legion has hit the nail on the head. This site has a lot of potential as did the old site but this one seems to be on its way to some success. Head over and check it out. Let them know I sent you. Search for Absolute BS Blog and send me a friend request.

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Shooters Legion Problems

Posted: January 22, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Lately many people have hit the blog from search engines with search terms like “shooters legion down?” or “shooters Legion account.” As many of you already know I am (or was a moderator) on Shooters Legion and I am here to tell you that…. I have no idea what is going on. I have tried emailing the admins and the last thing I heard was the server crashed and it was being rebuilt, that was December 2nd. I know a few of the other moderators read the blog maybe they can chime in with anymore info they might have. As soon as I hear something I will be certain to pass it along.

In the mean time since you can’t surf SL you can go back through nearly 350 posts and articles in the archives or how about heading over to the Absolute BS Facebook page and hit me up with a like. While you are at it swing by Valkyrie Defense Group and give us a like over there too. I’d really appreciate it. If you would like to get into contact with me feel free to pm me on Facebook or use the contact tab above I would love to hear from you.

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Shooters Legion just passed the 10 thousand member mark and that means only one thing!!!!


Somebody is getting a new rifle courtesy of Head Down Products. They are giving you until July 1st to get all you family members and alternate personalities signed up to increase your chances.

Good luck and I hope that the winner is one of my loyal readers…. if it isn’t me.

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As some of you know I am a moderator over on Shooters Legion. We are proud to announce the newest addition to the site, a brand new firearms and gear auction site named Shooters Bid. Shooters Bid is owned and operated by the same great staff from the Shooters Legion site so you can expect h same friendly and knowledgeable staff that will quickly and efficiently help you with any questions or concerns. Shooters Bid was created after seeing a need for an auction site that was more cost-effective over the other sites already available.

The cool part about Shooters bid is they only charge a flat $3 bucks to list anything and you only pay that fee when your item sells. Also, there is no fee to relist if your item does not sell. Many other auction sites charge an insertion fee and a final evaluation fee. This could mean a person could be charged upwards of $16-20 for a $500-$750 item + CC fees accessed after the transaction is completed. No worries about that from Shooters Bid. The creators hope to bring a more cost-effective venue for auction style commerce to the firearms industry.

If you are already a member of Shooters Legion (and if you aren’t why not?) you can use the promo code “shooters” for a 6 month free trial. After the 6 month trial is up access is still free but your listings will begin to be charged the standard $3 once the item sells.

Head over and check it out. Keep in mind it is still in beta testing but so far everything is running smoothly so there is no worries. Again if you aren’t a member of Shooters Legion shame on you. Click this link to become my friend instantly as soon as your registration is complete. Think of it as Facebook for the pro-Second Amendment nation. I hope to see you over there soon!

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Again I’m sorry for the lack of posting lately. I am hoping to pick up my new computer today. There has been plenty of stuff in the news to touch on so I am hoping all my plans follow through today and I can get some posts out asap.

Don’t forget about our Facebook page and the YouTube channel. Be sure to head over to Shooters Legion while you are at it. Membership has really taken off over there and they are getting close to the 10,000 member giveaway.

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If you are having trouble on Facebook don’t be alarmed. Apparently my website has been deemed unsafe and Facebook has decided to make you click an extra button to come visit and read my articles.

I just want to say that I am not at all upset by this, in fact I’m honored. I apparently am doing a great job and it is about time that someone notices.

Thanks for everyone that took the time to contact me and let me know about the issue. If it is too much of a pain you can always subscribe by email in the upper part of the left column. Just put your email in click the button and you will receive a confirmation email. Simply follow the link back and BAM you are all signed up. You can also head over to Shooters Legion which is basically Facebook for shooters. My articles are usually posted around 8 est. every night.

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As I said in an earlier post I am now a Moderator over at Shooters legion. I just received a referral link to show where you came from.

Click this link and get yourself signed up. There are a lot of exciting things coming in the future over at Shooters Legion so hurry up! While you are there make sure you get into the Absolute BS fan page and get yourself another chance in our giveaway.

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