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I know I am a little late to this party but a few weeks ago a mother in Detroit defended her home and scared away 3 attackers with a firearm. Everyone else chocked it up as another one for the good guys but I was thinking about this a little more today and wanted to touch on a few things. If you haven’t seen the video here is a news report covering the story.

If you didn’t catch it right away I don’t blame you. The story refers to the firearm as an “Assault Rifle” when really it was a High Point carbine. More specific it was a 995TS with a meager retail price of $297. How can that be? Why didn’t the intruders point and laugh at the fact that momma bear was wielding an inexpensive, often frowned upon firearm brand? Is it possible that the bad guys don’t care what brand of gun those hot lead projectiles are coming out of?

We have had a few different occasions when students have showed up with High Points and never once has any student had any trouble so I cannot say something bad about their performance in any of our classes.   I always tell everyone to think of your daily carry gun as an insurance policy and ask yourself, How much is your life worth? Would I depend my life on a High Point? Probably not over my Glock or the Vtac but if I was cash strapped and needed SOMETHING I wouldn’t turn one down. ANY gun is better than NO gun and this mother proved it to us.

There were three other things I wanted to touch on about this story, also that I think a lot of people are over looking. First I wanted to point out the home owner was telling the intruders that she had a gun while they were kicking her door in and that didn’t stop them. One intruder was so brazen that he attempted to come back in after they all fled even after she fired shots. What would have happened if she took Drunk Uncle Joe’s advice and only had a double barrel shotgun? She would have been reloading when the intruder came back for more.

Second, I wanted to bring to the attention that she fired an unknown amount of rounds and never hit anything. Where did the rounds go? We are responsible for every bullet that leaves the barrel of the gun. Get training folks. Train with your guns so you can make the hits when you have three criminals kicking your door in.

Third, the Detroit chief of police is starting to win me over lately. He has been on a roll pretty much telling the criminals their time is over and encouraging citizens to arm up. Finally some real solutions coming to the Motor City.

I know I am probably the only blogger out there who looked at this at these weird angles but these were the first things to pop into my head when I read this story. It is probably not common for a blogger to stand up and say that in this instance a High Point was enough to get the job done but I’m not the common blogger.

So I ask the question, am I wrong about any gun is better than no gun? Head over to the Facebook page and let me know where you stand.


Massad Ayoob has taught and instructed firearms and self-defense longer then I have been alive so when I heard he was being hosted by Safety Solutions Academy in Ohio I jumped at the chance.

Paul Carlson said it best how he describes the class.

“The class is a 20 hour immersion course that will help you, the law abiding armed citizen, understand and apply the legal issues, tactical issues and aftermath management of a self-defense scenario where you are forced to use lethal force in defense of your self or others.”

After you use the gun to defend you life is the wrong time to start thinking about what to do next. Everyone that I have heard that took the class has said it has changed the way they looked at carrying a gun. I am eager to bring back my take on the class over then next few days. I am expecting to be running on fumes by Sunday but I plan on putting updates onto the Facebook page throughout the weekend so if you haven’t liked it make sure you do so to keep up on what direction the discussion is going.

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It is always the best way to troll a firearms forum. Start a thread about why any specific caliber is the greatest and you are going to end up 50+ pages of arguing and comments like “If the caliber don’t start with 4 it ain’t worth carrying.” I am not saying I enjoy doing this, I am simply stating that I have seen it too many times. There are many factors in choosing a specific caliber to depend your life on and there are so many factors that contribute to this choice that need to be considered when choosing. This is by no means me pushing my choices upon you. This is simply me laying out the factors and conclusions as to why I landed on the 9mm being the best round for me. You might find some of my conclusions to be the true to your situation and it might make you reconsider your caliber of choice.

The idea for this article came from a talking with a friend who reads the blog. He was asking me what brand ammo I carry and why, eventually that lead straight into talking caliber and performance. What we need in a defensive carry round is for the round to go deep enough into the target to find something important, and secondly it needs to expand and cause a sufficient amount of damage to stop the threat as quickly as possible.

Expansion of the bullet after hitting a target is very critical. In this day and age with the huge advancements in bullet technology, manufacturers are able to produce we are not seeing much of a difference in calibers from 9mm – 45 cal. Ten years ago we were seeing 45 cal. rounds expanding out to .7″ and that was pretty much the bees knees at the time. Now it isn’t uncommon to find ballistic tests with modern 9mm round expanding .6-.7  inches.  I am not trying to say there is zero difference between the 9 and the 45 but anymore there is less of a difference between the two. So what other factors are there that sets the 9mm above all in my choice of carry?

If you follow Absolute BS on Facebook it is pretty obvious that I spend a lot of time at the range and I do as many classes as funds will allow.  I feel it is also essential you train how you fight. The more I can save on ammo costs, the more I can put towards classes and extra range time making myself more proficient. The 9mm allows me to do just that. Being substantially cheaper than both 40 and 45 both through the ammo drought and before it is again coming out on top for me.

Another large factor in my choice was my ability to control recoil. My split times in some of the drills I talked about in earlier posts are around .22-.25 sec with my Glock 19. When I step up to larger defensive calibers I am nowhere near that split. In a self-defense situation, the ability to deliver more shots on target in a shorter amount of time is very important.

Ammunition capacity is the last factor that lead me to choose the 9mm for myself over other calibers. I am a Glock shooter so lets compare the full size Glocks and their capacity.

As you can see there is a substantial difference in capacity between all 3 calibers. Another point to make is that even though the 9mm’s capacity is the greatest fully loaded it still weighs less than either of the other contenders.

All these reasons are why I choose the 9mm. I am in no way trying to tell you the 9mm is the best (but I do make a pretty good argument for it) for all defensive handguns. It is a personal choice and if you look at all the factors and are willing to give up ground in some areas then that is your choice.

Hit me up on Facebook and Shooters Legion and let me know what you carry and why. I am trying to get back into the swing of writing every night so hang with me.

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A New Jersey woman suffered a horrible beat down when a home invader kicked in her back door as she watched cartoon with here young child in their living room.  As you would expect the video is hard to watch but I will add it anyway….

What can we take away from this? Well first I think a big thank you is in order for NJ on their great gun laws to keep scumbags like this guy in business. Taking guns away from people creates a great environment for thieves and criminals to thrive. NJ is well on their way to pushing for a state of complete victims. Just read her quote,

“I knew that if I started screaming, my daughter would, too, and I was afraid she would get hurt,” the young mother told News 12. “I took it. I didn’t cry the entire time.”

(Emphasis added by me) If she would have had a way to properly defend herself against a 5’11” 210 pound attacker she wouldn’t have had to take anything.

Another take away from this story is when you are home do you keep your gun close by? As I type now my Glock is within arms reach of my computer. When I head to bed it follows me up the stairs and sits on my night stand (unless I am a moron).

If you have lived under a rock and the only avenue to the outside world is through this blog (thanks btw) you might not have noticed that home invasions, thefts, and breaking and enterings are on the rise around the nation. This means two things: first, trends like this usually are preambles to future economic instability; and secondly you need a damn gun with you at all times. One place I read when researching this story is that this attack was such a surprise because it occurred in such a nice neighborhood only blocks away from a school. So, bad shit can happen in good neighborhoods huh? Who knew!

One thing they did do right was have a baby cam. If you don’t have one you should even if you don’t have kids. For the most part they are an inexpensive security system that can be used to help catch the culprit of someone does break into your house. I can honestly say I wasn’t thrilled when my wife brought home an Izon 2.0 Wi-Fi video monitor but I now can say I like the possibilities it has brought with it. You can remotely monitor your house with as many cameras as you want just with a simple smart phone app. It will also record when it detects movement and send you a mobile alert. I will do a more in-depth review later but this gives you an idea for now.

In closing, I just want you to watch the video and remind yourself how hard NJ legislators are working to keep this woman unarmed because it is clear she doesn’t need it. Keep your enemies close but your guns closer is another way we could end this right?

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