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Sunday I met quite a few buddies at the range and we ran some drills and played against the shot timer. I am trying to get a good feel for how to maximize the results from my time and ammo spent at the range. We will discuss this later on more thoroughly I promise but for now you get some cool range photos of me and a few buddies.

We started the day with our normal warm up then from there we dove right into the nonstop mocking and trash talk and a few other timed drills. We broke out the rifles just to see of they still worked but only worked on transitioning from rifle to pistol. I hate to say it but the rifle ammo isn’t coming down as quickly as the pistol ammo so I am having a hard time dedicating a lot of time to shooting them. We moved onto some shooting and moving with pistol when the rifles went away and from there everyone seemed like they were good and tired.

Here are some pictures from throughout the day. There are a lot of me and my one buddy but I think that is because everyone else had packed up and was headed out right around when the camera was coming out, or is it because we are the most handsome of the whole group? I am going with the latter of course.

I love going over photos of myself shooting. Sometimes I can see that my grip or my stance is wrong in little places and it gives me things to concentrate on when I go the next time.

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If you ever get some good range photos send them in with a little description and I will be sure to post them up for everyone to see. Be sure to head over to the Facebook page and Shooters Legion and link up with me there.

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