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It seems the ammo problems have not just hit us civilians, law enforcement is having a bit of trouble of their own.  I could add to this but the article speaks for itself. Smarter people than me in the industry are saying 6 months to a year before supply is back to pre-Sandy Hook conditions. 
Every day that goes by makes it harder for any gun control measures to pass but we need to keep contacting our representatives.
The serious part of the panic is behind us I think but the effects are going to stick around just like the first ammo scare. As long as the congress and senate stand strong for our rights we will see supply pick up.

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With their recent donation to the Second Amendment Foundation Cheaper Than Dirt is trying to get back into all of our good graces after going on a price gouging spree shortly after the Connecticut shooting. Lets face it $200k is a bunch of money that can really help support our side of the issue, but when they are still charging insane amounts for products I see it as a slap in the face.

What are your thoughts? Do you forgive and forget or do you remember the companies that tried to take advantage of the people who supported them over the years? Let me know on our Facebook discussion. While you are there don’t forget to like the page.

I have always thought that the pro-gun community is the last one you want to screw over. Think back to all the boycotts, the most recent being Recoil magazine. We are a vengeful and spiteful group who know how to hold a serious grudge. I think CTD made a big mistake that can’t be fixed my throwing money at it.


It seems some dealers are taking note of their competitor’s wrongdoings.


A 30 round Pmag just sold for $127!!!

The classic description that goes along with it…..

“Brand new in package – 30 round black Pmag for AR-15.

US shipping only and only where legal.  Do not bid if not legal where it needs shipped to.  I will check because illegal firearm acts make us all look bad and damage our cause. 

I tried to make the one part that I thought was a little odd stand out in case you might have missed it. If Mr Douche Seller was so worried about damaging any causes, and keeping good images, he wouldn’t be selling freaking Pmags for $127.
At least include free shipping.