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Georgia is moving in the right direction and not everyone is happy about it.  The “Safe Carry Protection Act” is now waiting on approval from Gov. Nathan Deal. Deal has an A rating from the NRA and it has been previously been reported that he stated he would sign any pro 2A bill that reaches his desk.

Of course all the standard outlets are shitting their pants in typical “blood of the streets” hysteria and one Anti-gun radio host went a little above and beyond with his misinformation filled rant. Mike Malloy who seems to think that the answer to curbing gun violence in the nation is …. well…. threatening more gun violence. Here is the rant…. (You can listen to it yourself over on the Guns Save Lives Blog)

[The] organization founded by Gabrielle Giffords…the former Arizona Congresswoman…who was critically wounded in a mass shooting in 2011, she calls it “the most extreme gun bill in America.” The NRA, which they’re behind this of course, they want guns everywhere….I would like to invite one of the NRA board members, and I’ll be armed, let’s just get this over with, OK? Come on down to Georgia and I’ll be packing heat and you be packing heat or whether you want to or not, I don’t give a damn, it’s up to you. And you come, meet me someplace, and all of sudden, see, we have stand your ground here, and all of a sudden I’m going to feel real…threatened by you! And I will shoot you! If I feel threatened. The law says I can. Ha ha ha ha ha, Ha ha ha ha ha!

Now anyone who knows anything that isn’t at all how a “Stand Your Ground law” works. It doesn’t matter if a state has a Stand Your Ground Law in effect or not you still have to prove your actions were reasonable and prudent by fulfilling the elements of Ability, Opportunity, and Jeopardy (If you have taken your concealed handgun class and have never head of AOJ before you should go get yourself in to a real class). People like Mr. Malloy think that if you keep repeating a lie eventually it will come true. If I remember correctly Albert Einstein described insanity as doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results.

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A man who trumpeted gun control and assisted with New York’s SAFE Act was found to be in possession of a gun on school property last Thursday. If that isn’t enough irony for you he is labeled as a key figure in the adding making it a FELONY to posses a gun on school property. Woops! But as we have discussed many times before the laws are only for the little people.

Of course Dwayne Ferguson had a carry permit because they are so easy to get in New York being “may issue” and all. Just like you would expect the elitist take care of their own and this instance is no exception. The amount poetic justice in the article linked to above is almost too much for me to handle. The two felony charges carry a maximum sentence of 4 years in state prison.

There are plenty of great quotes in the article so I urge everyone to read it for a good Monday morning laugh. The sad part is if the offender was your run of the mill citizen they would have been painted much differently in this news story. There wouldn’t be activists running out in defense saying it was an honest mistake, instead they would be claiming a victory in taking an irresponsible gun owner off the street. Let us not for get…. The laws are for the little people.

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Sybrina Fulton held the attention of a Senate committee yesterday while trying to push changes to a law that was never used as a defense in the case surrounding her son. Why hasn’t anyone pointed that fact out? Maybe I’m in a bad mood tonight and am cutting straight to the chase?

“I just wanted to come here to … let you know how important it is that we amend this stand your ground because it certainly did not work in my case,” Fulton said, speaking without consulting prepared remarks. “The person that shot and killed my son is walking the streets today. This law does not work.”

Again, George Zimmerman’s defense team never used Stand Your Ground as a defense. Again with the misrepresenting of facts.

As expected Ted Cruz offers up the best idea of leaving it up to the states to decide.

“This is not about politicking. This is not about inflaming racial tensions. This is about the right of everyone to protect themselves and protect their families.”

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You know I am here to report the events that I think you, as my valued readers, need to hear about. Well here goes….

According to an eyewitness at the scene of the incident, when Officer Putnam arrived, the squirrel was still inside the store and becoming increasingly hostile, presumably due to the stress of the incident.

Being an amateur commentator it is my job to make drastic and obvious assumptions when it come to big stories like this (Just listen to some of the stuff CNN says when reporting the Naval Yard shooting) and I am calling this a dry run for future squirrel attacks. First, small jobs at the Dollar General and then before we know it our Sears and Walmart Supercenters are being overrun.

There is no telling how many terrorist Squirrel Cells are here in the US but there has been unreported photo evidence out there for quite awhile now….

Obviously, I am taking a very long winding route to get to a serious point today. How is anything I reported above any different than how our mainstream media reports on events such as Sandy Hook or the Naval Yard shooting? I know the Daily Show isn’t the champion of Second Amendment support, but John Stewart and the Daily Show did a great piece on showing exactly how bad our mainstream news is getting.

Click here to check out the video and let me know what you think. (I tried to imbed the video but was not having any luck with it sorry.)

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“You say concealed carry I say Trayvon Martin. Police officers make mistakes all the time. We spend six months in the police academy, six months of field training and ongoing training on a regular basis and the fact is once in a while we’re going to shoot someone with a cellphone; we’re going to shoot somebody with a flashlight and none of that is okay. But now you take John Q. Civilian, you give them six weeks or 10 weeks of training and you say ‘have at it?’ The fact is more guns are not the solution to the firearm gun violence problem in this country. Less guns and reasonable gun laws are. And just because it’s 49 states to one doesn’t mean the state of Illinois is wrong on that one.”

Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy brings us this wonderful quote. That’s right 49 to 1. Funny thing is none of those other 49 have a city that is even close to the number of deaths as their Chicago, but that isn’t the topic today. I brought you that quote today mainly for the argument that police are not better trained or safer when it comes to owning, possessing, and carrying firearms over the average concealed carrying civilians. This misleading notion is used by the Civilian Disarmament movement  on a pretty regular basis when the subject of arming teachers comes up and it down right pisses me off. Don’t get me wrong, police have to deal with a level of shit on a daily basis that I could never have the patience for and I admire them for their service, but even with their “extensive training” they don’t handle firearms any safer or better than most non-police. In fact I have a few stories today to prove it.

In a Lodi elementary school a child was able to walk up to a police officer and pull the trigger on his holstered gun. SayWhat? His Glock 35 with a flashlight mounted was supposedly in his holster but according to the police department, the light somehow made the trigger more accessible.

Officer’s gun

I’m sorry for being skeptical but what kind of cheap holster was this gun in? Oh, my bad it was a thigh rig. Well don’t let me question this swat officer’s operator judgment but I am going to ask if this particular holster was even designed to hold the gun with a light on it? A real life SWAT officer of 5 years with all the extra training. You would think he would be above the lowly citizen in at least choosing a proper holster for his firearm right? Or atleast have it bolstered properly? How about his situational awareness? Not noticing a student poking at your holster is the ultimate fail. He paid for it with a gun shot wound to the leg from a child at a reading promotion event. It is a good thing it wasn’t some average citizen carrying a concealed gun on school grounds something horrible could have happened like a negligent discharge or something.

Next, we visit another school, this time it is York Comprehensive High School. An officer again has a little holster problem when he managed to some how ram his keys into his holster and defying all physics was able to press the trigger upwards and discharged his Glock 22 into the ground. The report says he was retrieving his gym bag from his cruiser and the officer can be seen on the video shoving his keys into the pocket of his bag as the gun goes off. I am not sure if should be referred to as a “Bag Pop” or not. The department has also said that there are a few other holsters identical to this one and are in the process of being replaced. The Truth About Guns breaks it down in great fashion as usual and is also skeptical of the claim that it was a key that set off the firearm. Don’t worry and think that the kids went unprotected while this officer was on paid leave, no sir, the police department replaced this expert with another uniformed officer with high levels of gun safety training.

Now I know there are good officers out there that are very safe and professional. It just turns out the next two guys we are going to talk about are neither of those.  Dejay Barber, 44, and Matthew Rincon, 24 both Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies fired shots into the air at a campground over a loud music dispute. A spokesperson from the sheriff’s office stated that both officers displayed their guns towards each other in a threatening manner and discharged their guns into the air. Don’t worry, the punishment was swift and just. Both deputies were relieved of duty with pay. I cannot even describe how bad my neck hurts from shaking my head when I read that they got extra paid vacations for getting drunk and escalating a situation to the point where both are firing guns into the air at a public camp ground. But according to the LA Times this isn’t the first embarrassing blunder this department has had to deal with. Here is a short list of recent events reported by the La times:

In 2009, a sergeant was accused of pointing a gun at the head of a fellow sergeant inside the Compton sheriff’s station and mouthing, “I’m gonna kill you.”

In 2010, a group of jail deputies brawled with two of their colleagues at a department Christmas party. At one point, a female deputy was punched in the face.

And last year, a deputy was accused of kicking another deputy in the groin without provocation. That came after she had been arrested the year before over suspicion of assaulting fellow deputies during an early-morning brawl at a La Mirada park where she and two colleagues were found bloodied and apparently drunk.

Well I feel better knowing that in California the average people have a hard time even possessing guns and are protected by these fine upstanding officers.

When I heard the quote that we started the blog out with today it really got me going. The Anti-gun side touts the training officers go through as the end all be all and that makes them more qualified to carry guns on a daily basis over the rest of us lowly “wanna-be cops”. I have always said that as responsible gun owners we need to seek more training. That means taking a refresher class every year and getting out and shooting often. You can only be as good as you make yourself, and talking about how good you are doesn’t make you any better. Just like talking about how safe cops are when it comes to handling firearms doesn’t make it true.

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I have one heck of a rant today. I started writing this on Friday but had to stop and scrap it because I was starting to get out of hand. If you haven’t heard there is a painting in the Florida State Capitol Building being displayed titled by the artist “We are all Trayvon Martin.”

To quote the news article…

The mural shows a man who looks similar to George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watch leader who shot and killed Martin in February 2012 and was later acquitted in the teen’s death, shooting a person wearing a hoodie.  There’s a mirror in the mural where Martin’s face would be so visitors can see themselves as the teen.

I’m sorry did I miss something? Maybe I didn’t pay close enough attention to the trial to catch where George Zimmerman shot Trayvon in the back. Oh it didn’t happen? Well shit that’s weird!

Quick someone paint me a picture of a “White-Hispanic” man pinned to the ground on his back and getting his head pounded off the concrete. I already have a couple titles ready for it if you paint it for me, “We are George,” “Felonious Assault,” “Facts,” and my favorite “Shit That Really Happened.”

The thing that chaps my ass the most is it is being displayed in a government building. I can accept that this would be displayed in some hipster liberal art gallery that’s filled with dudes in scarves and skinny jeans drinking 15 dollar lattes discussing how far their French Liberal Arts degrees have taken them in life, but a public building has me befuddled,

If this is acceptable for a government building what possibly could be off-limits? Oh, that’s right the Ten Commandments. You heard right! A blatant attempt at misrepresenting facts is acceptable, but a religious symbol of ethics and morals must go. Is this real life?

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Shawn Corey Carter has become quite the outspoken political commentator lately making appearances at the lavish dinner parties hosted at the White House and has attended rallies held for Trayvon Martin. Most people reading this right now are thinking “who is this guy?” and that is understandable. Shawn is better known as the famous rapper and hypocrite, Jay Z.

Jay Z has been bff’s with our commander and chief for quite awhile now dating back to Barry’s first run at the White House back in 2008. Any time Barrack Hussein Obama takes a stance his bromance isn’t far behind to quickly agree. Obama’s stance on same-sex marriage, for example, was quickly followed by Jay’s approval. 

Recently the HOV did an interview with a hip-hop journalist. He stated that he “didn’t sleep for two days…” after the verdict was handed down sending George Zimmerman free. He went on to give us an amazing insight on how Stand Your Ground Laws work.

 “You can have a fight with someone and they’re running way [sic], you can shoot them and kill them and you’re fine? What?! Come on. Come on, man.”

Hmm, weird. Last time I checked that isn’t at all how stand your ground laws work but maybe J doesn’t know that?  It seems that Shawn has a bit of a checkered past when it comes to violence and maybe this is why his view on the stand your ground laws are a little fuzzy?

Now comes the fun part of today’s article. Let’s touch on the hypocritical aspect of our President’s buddy. Besides starting to deal crack at a very young age, at the age of 12 he shot his brother for stealing a piece of his jewelry. Weird. He was never prosecuted and his brother never pressed charges. This might be what is blurring the meaning of stand your ground laws for Mr. Carter.

In a message taped for Jay Z’s Made in America festival the POTUS said,

 “To me, the idea of America is that no matter who you are, what you look like or where you come from, you can make it if you try. Jay-Z did it. He didn’t come from power or privilege. He got ahead because he worked hard, learned from his mistakes and just plain refused to quit. That’s what ‘made in America’ means.”

Made in America? Shooting your brother at the age of 12 is working hard? Maybe he at least learned from his mistakes like his bro said? Wrong. In December of 1999 Jay was picked up by police in New York for stabbing a record executive in the stomach with a 5″ blade. He first pleaded not guilty but eventually, in 2000, he changed his plea to guilty receiving only 3 years probation. I guess I would be against stand your ground laws if I went around stabbing folks with knives too.

Surely it stops there? Not really. It actually stops after you have a an arrest at the age of 16 for possession of crack, followed by at least one arrests on gun charges.

Now I know I am coming down hard on our President’s buddy and I will be the first to admit we don’t really know of him shooting anyone other than his own brother. I say there is a lot you can tell about someone just by looking at the company they keep and I have to say that our great leader isn’t setting the bar very high. It seems if we look closely at the most anti-gun president in U.S. history’s friends it is pretty telling.

Pass this around the next time you see this dynamic duo pushing for some more reasonable gun laws, or partying it up in the White House on our dime to let people know exactly the level of hypocrisy.

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