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Who remembers the instructor from Lancaster Ohio who cracked one off in the class room while demonstrating how you don’t have to remove a revolver from a purse to fire it? Well, he made the news again today. It was actually good news for him and some pretty shitty news for every other NRA instructor out there. Good news for him is that he didn’t get charged with a felony for winging a student. Bad news for us because every time you identify yourself as a NRA instructor you are automatically synonymous with this asshole.

I have to give him credit though, every student in that class will never forget that a revolver will shoot through a purse.

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A common question we get while teaching the classroom portion of our Concealed Handgun classes is why there is no live ammunition allowed in the classroom. Short answer is it is NRA policy and it just makes sense. The same reason we don’t have live ammo around while we dry fire or clean our gun we don’t have it around while we are in a classroom and we don’t want things to go boom.

My guess is al-Qaida will start adopting NRA policies real soon. They had a little whoops at terrorist college a few days ago in car bombs 101. Twenty-one students came one suicide mission short of their 72 virgins while a couple dozen more were arrested by security forces. Such a shame…..

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You know I am here to report the events that I think you, as my valued readers, need to hear about. Well here goes….

According to an eyewitness at the scene of the incident, when Officer Putnam arrived, the squirrel was still inside the store and becoming increasingly hostile, presumably due to the stress of the incident.

Being an amateur commentator it is my job to make drastic and obvious assumptions when it come to big stories like this (Just listen to some of the stuff CNN says when reporting the Naval Yard shooting) and I am calling this a dry run for future squirrel attacks. First, small jobs at the Dollar General and then before we know it our Sears and Walmart Supercenters are being overrun.

There is no telling how many terrorist Squirrel Cells are here in the US but there has been unreported photo evidence out there for quite awhile now….

Obviously, I am taking a very long winding route to get to a serious point today. How is anything I reported above any different than how our mainstream media reports on events such as Sandy Hook or the Naval Yard shooting? I know the Daily Show isn’t the champion of Second Amendment support, but John Stewart and the Daily Show did a great piece on showing exactly how bad our mainstream news is getting.

Click here to check out the video and let me know what you think. (I tried to imbed the video but was not having any luck with it sorry.)

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No home invasion is a good thing, unless they stuff you into a closet full of guns and ammo. This is exactly how it played out for a Houston homeowner this week. Three men broke into the home and briefly attacked the homeowner before shoving him into a nearby closet. Luckily for the man the invaders had a combined IQ of warm water and never checked the closet. The homeowner called the police and waited a few minutes until he thought the coast was clear. Heading down the stairs armed he stumbled onto one of the intruders and had a brief exchange of gunfire. The suspect was hit and ran out into the street and became really light headed from a loss of blood through the two fresh new holes in his body that weren’t there before he decided to take things that didn’t belong to him. The perp eventually came to a rest on the sidewalk complaining about a slight burning sensation in two areas of his body and showing signs of excessive lead exposure.

I saw the burglar lying on the concrete and there was already somebody standing over him, just a random driver,” Gaddis said. “It looked like he had blood coming out of his neck and his leg. He was saying something — turn me over, it hurts, move me

The bloodied criminal laid there and decided he should have chosen a better career path….

And they all lived happily ever after.

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If you have one of these pesky Glocks just do yourself a favor and send it to me. The Palm Beach Sheriff’s office has a problem with cracking firing pins and instead of thinking things out a little bit they automatically claim their Glocks to be junk. Even though 65% of the nation’s law enforcement agencies carry the same guns and are not having problems with their guns the Palm Beach Sheriff’s office managed to get some Glock reps to fly in and take a look at the problem. Knowing that we are in a bit of an ammo pinch I would say it is safe to bet that they had to make a switch in their training ammo.

The one quote of the article that made me laugh was this…

 I mean I don’t put an excessive amount of rounds through my gun. I fire maybe five to six hundred rounds a year out of it.

LOL! Five to six hundred a year? Last year before all the crazy that was 3 weeks to a month worth of ammo for me and some of my shooting buddies.


I would hate to guess how many thousands of round I have through my 19 and I have had zero light primer strikes. I will post up a picture of my firing pin tomorrow when I have a minute so make sure you head over to Facebook and like the page so you can catch a glimpse of it.


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I know there are a few photographers that read the blog pretty regularly and I wanted to know they aren’t forgotten. I have found something pretty cool off Wall of the city blog. Head over there and read some of his stuff, he has some pretty good posts, but this post I couldn’t help but share. He is a genius.

2013-03-15 21.01.36

Photo courtesy of The Walls Of The City Blog

That is right guys!! Get your Tacti-cool on while shooting shots of people shooting…. um…. shots? Adam over at NUoSU you better have one of these next time we are at the range or I’m going to have to find a higher speed photographer.


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Let me start off by throwing water on the fire and say this is a long way from passing, but we still need to be contacting our representatives and senators weekly if not daily.

The AWB was voted on and as usual it stuck to party lines as expected 10-8. But the real news was Senator Ted Cruz giving it to the wicked witch from the west Dianne Feinstein. Here is the video…

HOLY CRAP! Put your fangs away there Medusa, it was just a simple question. I find it funny if you listen to her argument she never really answered the question at all. If you want to sift through her bullshit she basically said “Don’t you know who I am!?!?!?! I am more important than you so sit down and shut the hell up!” I am just amused Ted got her so riled up. This just goes to prove the crazy angry runs deep into the anti-gunners ranks.

I had one person mention they haven’t really seen one person who supports the Assault Weapons Ban, even liberal bloggers and columnists have kept quiet on the subject. Well we found out why from Politico. It seems the White House has asked the other side to keep quiet so they don’t wake up more people then there has been to the idea of them taking rights away. If only he could do the same with Shotgun Joe. By the way I read on another blog the other day that ammo prices are so high now that Joe Biden is telling his wife to only go outside and fire one blast up into the air. Times are tough Joe, times are tough.