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There is a new Giveaway underway that I wanted to pass along to all the readers and subscribers. My buddy Adam over at NUoSU Concealment is offering a free holster and Valkyrie Defense is tossing in a t-shirt to one lucky winner. How do I win you ask?? First you need to LIKE NUoSU Concealment on Facebook along with the last status he posted up. Then you need to Like Absolute BS Blog on Facebook and Valkyrie Defense Group on Facebook.

Adam said this giveaway is good for any style holster he makes. If you want to look at the wide array of styles he makes you can see them all on his photo stream here. The Valkyrie Defense t-shirt is for any size and any color….. as long as that color is black.

Ok so one more time on how to get registered to win.

  1. LIKE NUoSU Concealment
  2. Like his status announcing the Giveaway.
  3. Like Absolute BS Blog
  4. Like Valkyrie Defense Group

It is that easy. One person that does all 4 of those things will the lucky winner. Good luck!

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The anniversary giveaway winner sent me some photos and a thank you yesterday.

John M was the big winner of the Valkyrie Defense Group shirt and some of the remaining stickers left over from SHOT Show last year.

I think John enjoyed the shirt. The message he sent along with the pics said “shirts here, looks nasty nice…” Well thanks John! I hope you enjoy it.



You too can be a winner of the next drawing by simply liking the Absolute BS Facebook page. A little tip for anyone out there looking for a chance to win a VDG shirt like John you should head over to the Valkyrie Defense Group Facebook also and like it. There may or may not be a giveaway coming from over there soon… Just saying.

Again, thanks for everyone’s participation and I will be looking for another opportunity to do another giveaway in the future. Congrats John and I hope you enjoy the shirt.

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Blog Anniversary Giveaway

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December 21st marks the one year anniversary of Absolute BS Blog. It has been a great year and I have gotten to know many great people through writing.
Last year the blog opened many doors to me and one big one would be Valkyrie Defense Group. With the blog’s Facebook page nearing 300 likes I got the idea to give something away. Since I’m a fan of .308 I will give a Valkyrie Defense Group T-shirt away if we can hit 308 likes by December 21st. But here is the kicker, you also must like Valkyrie Defense Groups page also.

If you haven’t liked the Facebook pages yet or have friends that still haven’t, get them to stop by and click like. Somebody is going to win themselves a VDG shirt and maybe something a little extra if we can hit 308 before the 21st.

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Shooters Legion just passed the 10 thousand member mark and that means only one thing!!!!


Somebody is getting a new rifle courtesy of Head Down Products. They are giving you until July 1st to get all you family members and alternate personalities signed up to increase your chances.

Good luck and I hope that the winner is one of my loyal readers…. if it isn’t me.

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I know it has been some time since the winner was announced and this post but everyone has busy lives outside of the internet so we all will have to deal with it. As most of you know we did our second giveaway on March 8th. The goal was 150 Facebook likes (the number has grown since and we are at 231 as of tonight) and we reached it pretty quick. I drew the winner and Virginia Hopper won. She just sent me a pic of her alongside her new NUoSU Concealment holster.

holster winner pic

Congrats Virginia! I want to say thanks again to Adam over at NUoSU Concealment for donating a holster for the giveaway. Make sure you head over to his site and put him to work.

Now onto the next giveaway. I think we need to do more Facebook likes so head over there and click the like button. I think we might start doing giveaways at major calibers. Since we are at 231 the next one will have to be at 308. Same rules apply as before you get more entries if you like the Facebook page and subscribe by email. You can subscribe by email in the upper left hand column on this page. When we are closer to the goal I will announce what the winners will receive. You won’t be disappointed I promise. Tell everyone and get them to join up in the fun and get registered for the giveaway.

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So here is the rundown. We had 255 entries! Just like always you had many different ways to enter and could use every chance if you wanted. First, you could subscribe by email, second, you could like us on Facebook, and third, you could be either a member of the Absolute BS Fanpage or by friending me on Shooters Legion.

I take everyone’s entries and assign them a random number. After that, I head over to and punch in the parameters. The hardest part is typing out all the names and entries. I think next time we are going to try something a little different because the next drawing we are setting a lofty goal. We had around 50 new likes alone on Facebook today.

I want to thank each and every person who has taken the time to subscribe and share my posts. Three months ago I started my blog as a way to document my trip to the SHOT Show but as I wrote more before the show I realized people were giving me great feedback and enjoyed what I was saying. I never thought my hobby would have gotten to this point. I could have only dreamed to have a company like Next Level Training take something I wrote and use it to encourage people to train with their products. So again I am putting out a very heartfelt thank you to all of you who make this enjoyable and encourage me by sending emails and messages on subjects you would like me to cover.

Now that all the sappy stuff is out of the way lets get on to winning the free stuff huh?? So the random number generator spit out number 93.


Now we go to the list and see who the lucky winner is………


VIRGINIA HOPPER! Congratulations! You are the proud owner of a new holster from NUoSU Concealment and two paracord bracelets from our reader and friend Ryan Fickenworth. If anyone is interested in purchasing either a holster or more bracelets contact either for further information.

Thanks again everyone. Please keep the likes and shares coming. There is still a ton of people out there we haven’t reached and I don’t want to stop until Absolute BS Blog a common name around the firearms industry.

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Shooters Legion

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Everyone needs to head over to and check out Shooters Legion. The best description I can give is it is Facebook for shooters. It is closing on 6,000 members and now is the time to get signed up. As of today I have been named a Moderator to help out as the site grows and advances. While there make sure you add me as a friend (Absolute BS Blog) and check out the Fan page.

Also don’t forget to make it over to the Facebook page  and like the page to get us over the 150 like goal so I can give away some more free stuff.

Thanks for all the support,