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I put up a review not too long ago on Liberty Civil Defense 50gr. personal protection rounds I had tested and started carrying. There is still a bit of push back from people thinking these rounds are nothing but hype. But even with all the naysayers Liberty seems to be picking up followers. Recently The National Tactical Officers Association gave Liberty 9mm the highest score they offer.With this rating Liberty now has the ….um…. liberty to use the gold NTOA logo in their marketing.


I searched the internet high and low for the actual test but I couldn’t find it anywhere. The best I could come up with was the Ammoland Blog. Ammoland goes onto say how the testing officer was impressed with the low felt recoil and accuracy. My favorite quote from the test sounded remarkably like something I might have said before….

“….. I believe that lead free bullets and ammunition are the future and as bullet  technology advances; it’s only going to get better. Liberty Ammunition is  certainly in the forefront of that movement.”

I still am carrying Liberty everyday and don’t think twice about it. I ran a mag through the new Vtac and you can find that over on Valkyrie Defense Group’s Facebook as the profile picture. All I can say is holy muzzle flash!!

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No. I’m sorry but no thanks. I stopped reasonable discussion, and compromise a long ago. With the recent snafu with Dick Metcalf and his odd anti-gun editorial in the latest issue of Guns and Ammo I thought putting my stance out there for everyone to digest would be a good idea. If you would like to read what Dick wrote click here.

As I started with I am not the reasonable type and I feel as gun owners we can’t fall into the trap of national dialogue and reasonable discussion. For some reason some gun owners feel the need to be reasonable and open towards the anti-gun side and want to come to the table and have that discussion or national dialogue we hear about so much from the mainstream media. Little do these gun owners know they are falling into a trap, the same trap Dick fell into. People like Dick feel that if they come to the table and show that gun owners are able to listen the people on the other side of that table are going to understand and be satisfied with just conversation. WRONG! Gun owners have been reasonable for far too long.

Every time we have a reasonable discussion the gun owners tend to be on the losing end of the outcome. They come to the table thinking “this will be the last time the Antis ask for anything. If we just give a little compromise everything will be ok.” We have given in little by little thinking this is the last peace offering we will have to make. Don’t believe me? Lets talk a little history.

  • 1791 the Second Amendment was Ratified. Twenty-seven beautiful words that guaranteed the right to keep and bear arms to every American.
  • 1934 The National Firearms Act was put into place due to the gangster culture brought about by prohibition. This law famously eliminated automatic weapons along with short barreled rifles, short barreled shotguns, and suppressors. Transfers of such weapons were subject to $200 fee and subject to the Treasury Departments approval.
  • 1938 The Federal Firearms Act was approved by Congress forcing anyone involved with selling firearms to obtain a Federal Firearms License from the Secretary of Commerce. This also required the new FFL’s to record the names and addresses of everyone they sold guns to.
  • 1968 The Gun Control Act was brought about after the assassination of JFK. FFL’s were required to keep even more detailed information along with forbidding sales of handguns across state lines. The major change came in the outlawing of purchasing rifles and shotguns through mail order. (Lee Harvey Oswald used a mail order rifle in the assignation of JFK)
  • 1972 The ATF was formed
  • 1986 The Law Enforcement Officer Protection Act stopped the manufacture and importation of “cop killer” bullets that could pierce body armor.
  • 1990 The Crime Control Act established what we now know today as “Gun Free Zones” in schools and the stopped the assembly of illegal semi-auto rifles and shotguns with legally imported parts.
  • 1994 the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention act placed a mandatory 5 day waiting period and background check on handguns until Nov. 1998 when the National Instant Criminal Background Check (NICS) went live. The law stated all new firearm sales are subject to a NICS background check.
  • 1994 The Violent Crime and Law Enforcement Act, commonly referred to as the “Assault Weapon Ban,” made the manufacture, possession, and importation of new semiautomatic assault  weapons and large-capacity ammunition feeding devices for  civilian use illegal.

How about that for compromise and reasonable? We go from “shall not be infringed” to illegal for civilians to possess. I bet there was a lot of gun owners that thought the same as Dick Metcalf on the other side of the table when each of those laws were penned.

How about a more recent example of a reasonable discussion? Anyone remember Colorado and the dialogue that happened there? That is what happens when we open the door for reasonableness. If you don’t remember how it went just picture a one sided conversation with a senate majority leader telling his senators to ignore their constituents. Colorado is what happens when we have national dialogues and compromise. All the laws above came from compromise!

See? I told you I’m unreasonable. I don’t compromise. When it comes to my rights there is no compromise. Every time we have reasonable compromise we see another crack or a chip fall off of the foundation of our Second Amendment. Don’t be fooled into thinking we need to be reasonable. If you start thinking that way, come back to this post and read the middle part to remind yourself we have already compromised enough.

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…or for the people who don’t vote the right way on gun control issues.

It seems the D.C. police chief once again was willing to turn a blind eye on possessing restricted items in our nations capital. The first instance came when David Gregory showed up on set with a 30 round box magazine. The most recent instance involves a rather well known anti-gun senator. Senator Diane Feinstein held a high profile press conference at the beginning of the year and somehow managed to get a wall full of firearms that were restricted inside the city. How did she manage to do this you ask? After a Freedom of Information Act request was filled it turns out that that Washington Metropolitan Police Chief Cathy L. Lanier is willing to allow the rules to be bent and even managed to provide a few extra scary items to help give the presser a little more flare.

Not only did the Metro Police help with acquiring the props, they tried to cover it up all while refusing Republican Senators Ted Cruz and Lindsey Graham to bring rifles to a Senate Committee hearing regarding the same proposed legislation that Feinstein was pushing in the press conference.

Ironically enough Senator Feinstein was actively pushing for more and stricter laws while completely ignoring the ones in place. Once again laws are only for the people who obey them and those people aren’t criminals or anti-gun politicians.

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We keep hearing how the victory in the senate was such a great achievement but do we really know why? Have you thought about why this is that defining moment? I have a few thoughts I want to get out there and see if you agree.

Gun ownership in the last 5 years has skyrocketed, so much so that the FBI is claiming that every minute that Barack Hussein Obama has been in office there has been 32 guns purchased. That is a mind-blowing fact. Since February of 2009 there has been 70,291,049 NICS checks performed. Let’s look at this another way. How many people just in this year alone have gone out and purchased their first gun? Why do you think we are seeing an ammo shortage? Our market is being flooded by people who are picking up their first gun and making sure they grab themselves a box of ammo to go along with it. Add that to the guys who are like me and actually shoot 1 to 2 times a week regularly and it’s no wonder we are seeing a drought.

Let us move back to why this is a huge win. The gun grabbers know that every day that passes by there is more people investing into the Second Amendment. Like we said earlier, 32 gun purchases a minute and many are first-timers. Those first time buyers are now fully invested both emotionally and monetarily. Before it was no skin off their ass if there was a ban on a specific firearm since they didn’t own any. But now they are part of our group and they know that the smallest insignificant infringement on our rights is entirely too much.

We are no longer the silent majority, we are everyday becoming the overwhelming majority and the anti’s know that. This was their defining moment and they may never have another chance like this again. They had the perfect chance with the emotional tide, media, and the number of seats all in their favor. They went all in and demagoguery failed while constitutional rights prevailed. That my friends is why it was a defining moment.

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It is a good day to be a gun owner. Today was a major battle in the war against our rights and through the smoke and fire we still stand tall. We gave them the vote they wanted…. no, begged for, and they couldn’t get everyone in their party on board the civilian disarmament train. As expected the closest vote of the day for gun-control came from the Machin-Toomey amendment.  It was close but missed the mark by 6 votes. Even closer yet was the amendment for National Reciprocity only missing the majority by 3.

There were a few highlight moments I wanted to touch on that I am certain will entertain everyone else as much as it did me. The Feinstein Assault Weapon Ban failed MISERABLY. But here is the kicker, 40 Senators still voted for it. Make sure you click the link there and see how yours voted. I am a little pissed to tell all my Ohio readers that Brown voted along side the Wicked Witch from the West to ensure that our right to keep and bear arms was limited. I hope you join me in writing him and informing him he made a horrible mistake and making sure he is voted out of office the next time he is on the hot seat. I will have more on Brown later because after looking at all the votes today he voted against his constituents every time.

Another highlight was watching Barack Hussein Obama get severely butt hurt on camera over not getting his way. Of course he had to climb up on that soap box and wave the bloody shirt of some innocent victims. He called it a “sad day for Washington” and also said the administration would do “everything it can without Congress to protect Americans.” As you can see in the video he literally looked like a child throwing a tantrum and I am certain he didn’t score himself any points with the American people for his cause.

Speaking of the American people and Barry. He mentioned that 90% of Americans want more gun-control. That is a bit of a stretch based on the Gallup poll done recently saying only 4% feel it is the most important problem facing America today.

Again this is a major battle and we need to be proud of ourselves for doing all we did to help win it. Every letter, email, fax, and phone call is what made today happen. Keep in mind this isn’t the last of our fight. There will always be another tragedy, another shooting, and another crazy so we must stay vigilant and when it comes time to step into that ballot box we need to keep our rights in mind.

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I’m pretty sure you yell that today once, I did. I thought we were starting to head out of the woods a little. So what now? What does it mean? Give me a minute and I will try to explain.

We now have a “Compromised” bill headed to the floor for debate. What is in the bill? We have no flipping idea and to me that is bullshit but this is becoming a common theme anymore with “the most transparent White House in history.” (that is a rant for another day) I felt rather sold out undoubtedly like you did by our supposed “gun friendly” republican senators. They are supposed to be filibustin and stuff!! Well it seems they have decided to play chicken with members of the other party who live in very gun friendly states with our gun rights smack dab in the middle of the road.

It seems the Republicans are trying to oust a few of the right-leaning members of the other party and they believe that getting those members to stand up with the other Democrats and the President himself on record as being anti-gun will get them removed from office come 2014. Gutsy tactical move. I have said before that our side knows how to hold a grudge. We are a spiteful and vengeful hoard that will make you pay if you piss on our rights and the republicans are using that to their advantage. These certain senators have the option of getting in line with their constitutents or getting kicked out of office.

It sucks pretty bad that the Senate is even considering any form of gun legislation that restricts the second amendment more than it already is. But we need to keep in mind that this has now been voted to the Senate floor for DEBATE and amendment. (Emphasis added) If this is going to be as fun of a debate as the last hot button issue was in the Senate we need to start popping some pop corn and watch the magic of Rand Paul and Ted Cruz unfold. I fully expect their debate to be full of pure concentrated awesome and I am looking forward to it. I’m hoping these two get up destroy all the misinformation that the anti-gun side has spewed at us for the last 5 months. My ultimate dream is the two of them tagging each other like a WWF Constitutional tag team match at the podium. LOL

All of my pleasure hinges on one thing though, that Harry Ried doesn’t try to pull some tricky stuff. This reason is why I keep second guessing even allowing it to move forward. It puts Harry in a funny position. He was praying for a filibuster so they could paint the republicans unreasonable and evil as usual. Since that plan didn’t work out Harry has no way to protect his fellow party members so he either has to offer up a very watered down bill or sacrifice his own.

In the end it looks like the Republicans have a plan and if that plan fails we could take a few steps backwards just as we were starting to breathe a little easier. Congress is still overwhelmingly against any new gun control measures so that is still on our side. Lets see where this takes us and hopefully watch Rand and Ted do some great work on the debate. I will do my best to keep you all updated the best I can.

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Let me start off by throwing water on the fire and say this is a long way from passing, but we still need to be contacting our representatives and senators weekly if not daily.

The AWB was voted on and as usual it stuck to party lines as expected 10-8. But the real news was Senator Ted Cruz giving it to the wicked witch from the west Dianne Feinstein. Here is the video…

HOLY CRAP! Put your fangs away there Medusa, it was just a simple question. I find it funny if you listen to her argument she never really answered the question at all. If you want to sift through her bullshit she basically said “Don’t you know who I am!?!?!?! I am more important than you so sit down and shut the hell up!” I am just amused Ted got her so riled up. This just goes to prove the crazy angry runs deep into the anti-gunners ranks.

I had one person mention they haven’t really seen one person who supports the Assault Weapons Ban, even liberal bloggers and columnists have kept quiet on the subject. Well we found out why from Politico. It seems the White House has asked the other side to keep quiet so they don’t wake up more people then there has been to the idea of them taking rights away. If only he could do the same with Shotgun Joe. By the way I read on another blog the other day that ammo prices are so high now that Joe Biden is telling his wife to only go outside and fire one blast up into the air. Times are tough Joe, times are tough.