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Blog Anniversary Giveaway

Posted: December 2, 2013 in Uncategorized
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December 21st marks the one year anniversary of Absolute BS Blog. It has been a great year and I have gotten to know many great people through writing.
Last year the blog opened many doors to me and one big one would be Valkyrie Defense Group. With the blog’s Facebook page nearing 300 likes I got the idea to give something away. Since I’m a fan of .308 I will give a Valkyrie Defense Group T-shirt away if we can hit 308 likes by December 21st. But here is the kicker, you also must like Valkyrie Defense Groups page also.

If you haven’t liked the Facebook pages yet or have friends that still haven’t, get them to stop by and click like. Somebody is going to win themselves a VDG shirt and maybe something a little extra if we can hit 308 before the 21st.

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Again I’m sorry for the lack of posting lately. I am hoping to pick up my new computer today. There has been plenty of stuff in the news to touch on so I am hoping all my plans follow through today and I can get some posts out asap.

Don’t forget about our Facebook page and the YouTube channel. Be sure to head over to Shooters Legion while you are at it. Membership has really taken off over there and they are getting close to the 10,000 member giveaway.

Thanks for your patience,

If you are having trouble on Facebook don’t be alarmed. Apparently my website has been deemed unsafe and Facebook has decided to make you click an extra button to come visit and read my articles.

I just want to say that I am not at all upset by this, in fact I’m honored. I apparently am doing a great job and it is about time that someone notices.

Thanks for everyone that took the time to contact me and let me know about the issue. If it is too much of a pain you can always subscribe by email in the upper part of the left column. Just put your email in click the button and you will receive a confirmation email. Simply follow the link back and BAM you are all signed up. You can also head over to Shooters Legion which is basically Facebook for shooters. My articles are usually posted around 8 est. every night.

Thanks again and remember to subscribe and share often,


Shooters Legion

Posted: February 27, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Everyone needs to head over to and check out Shooters Legion. The best description I can give is it is Facebook for shooters. It is closing on 6,000 members and now is the time to get signed up. As of today I have been named a Moderator to help out as the site grows and advances. While there make sure you add me as a friend (Absolute BS Blog) and check out the Fan page.

Also don’t forget to make it over to the Facebook page  and like the page to get us over the 150 like goal so I can give away some more free stuff.

Thanks for all the support,


Contact Me

Posted: February 14, 2013 in Uncategorized
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It was brought to my attention that there was no contact info on the home page. Well now that has changed! In the top banner I have added a Contact tab. Please feel free to use the email to send me news links or any suggestions for subjects you would like covered in an upcoming post. Also don’t forget about the Facebook page where you can join in the conversation over there.


Can’t wait to hear about from you,


I have hinted about it for a while now and I figure it’s time to lay out the game plan. For this giveaway we are going focus on generating some Facebook likes. Our goal is going to be 150 likes so make sure you are encouraging your friends and shooting buddies to like the page.

The prizes for this giveaway are being generously donated by two readers. The first donation is two paracord bracelets in black and od green. The second is a custom kydex holster for a pistol of the winners choice made by another reader who made the holster for my wife’s Shield 9mm.

Even though this is focused on Facebook we will still be picking randomly from all subscriptions, email, Facebook, and Shooter’s Legion fan page, so you still have a chance to enter multiple times.

Again, be sure to share this with everyone so we can build on our community and increase our reach.

Good luck to all,

Day 3 of SHOT

Posted: January 18, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Day 3, what a day! We finished off the rest of our unseen areas and doubled back to some of the more interesting stuff. We have one more day to go and it is fully reserved to reader requests. So get ahold of me on Facebook or through email and let me know what you want to hear more about.

Early in the morning we realized that there was 3 more areas of the show that we hadn’t seen yet. The show is literally as big as people make it out to be. This year they said the booths stretched over 25 miles and from the way my legs and feet feel from carrying around all the giveaway stuff, I believe it.

As everyone already knows I’m a sucker for new flashlights. 4sevens had this puppy, 15 thousand lumens, and an effective distance of a thousand yards. He turned it on for us and it was like looking into another dimension.

The next truly innovative piece we saw was the 360° bipod. It was solid as a rock and had a ton of possibilities. With a price tag around $600 I can’t see justifying it.

Another new gun from the makers of the double barrel 1911 is a very glock’ish striker fire called the Strike One.


As you can see in the first picture the gun sits super low in your hand. I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on one and give it a test run.

If you have a need for super glue but it’s not “tactical” enough for you we found your solutuon!

Core 15 has a new bullpup bolt gun able to have the calibers switched by replacing the barrel and the bolt.

We are going into the last day. If there us anything you want specifically covered you need to get with me on Facebook or by email. Our first stop on day 4 will be the Stress Vest booth as requested by a reader. Make us walk more we don’t mind! Also don’t forget to like us on Facebook and subscribe with your email. I put a picture up on Facebook last night of the giveaway prize. Somebody is going to win a ton of stuff!

Until tomorrow,