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One big thing that has changed in the last year is my daily carry gun. A student came to class last February with a Walther PPQ M1. Curious I asked if I could run a few rounds through the gun. He handed me six rounds and I proceeded to punch all six into a below average size group for me all dead center of the desired target. From that moment on I was hooked.

The Walther PPQ M2 has, in my opinion, the best factory trigger for a striker fired handgun on the market at the time of this writing. I have found it to be more accurate out to 25 yards than my earlier carry gun, the Glock 19. Looking at reliability I have had 2 failures to eject out of roughly 5000 rounds and both I believe were due to ammo.

The one downfall I have found is that I had to adjust my grip slightly to keep my thumb away from riding on the slide release keeping the slide from locking back on an empty mag. By simply moving the position of my thumb I have solved it issue. After many repetitions it is now second nature.

The PPQ had very little I wanted to change from the factory. The only upgrade I have made is removing the factory 3 dot sights to a set of Trijicon HDs.

As I said I feel this is the most accurate handgun I have carried and the standard I compare with is the Dot Torture drill. This week I shot a personal best beating my previous score of 47/50 with a 48/50.



It will take something drastic to make me move away from the PPQ. I am working on a little project that I think might actually pair with the amazing trigger but it will take some time for me to shake it all out. More to come on that.

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