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I know, I know. I have been MIA for about a month. Trust me I have a good excuse. I have been busy, extremely busy. I am currently sitting in a hotel in Warren Ohio rehydrating from a long hot day on the range participating in a Critical Defensive Handgun course put on by Safety Solutions Academy. Two weeks before this I was rolling around in the red Missouri dirt with Defensive Engagement Concepts in their Tac 2 pistol. I have taken tons of notes and have a lot of new concepts to use for topics later on. Obviously I will be doing an after action report for these classes as soon as I can get a breather. Unfortunately for the blog and my readers I will be back in a 3 day course in a little over a week then back to being the instructor instead of the student.

Long story short I am still alive and I have lived on a range nearly every weekend…. AND I LOVE IT. I am gaining more stuff to bring to the blog and to Valkyrie Defense Group. I am going to try to focus a little more on getting content out because we have picked up a few more readers from a lot of the VDG classes and I know they would like to hear more from me. (They told me.)

I hope you all have gotten out and got your fingers on some triggers and used the time you spend on the range effectively.

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I’m back and I brought with me another quick DIY project. I got this idea from my instructor class, one of the other students made these target stands for the shooting portion. I will be needing some extra stands in the future so I took some time to throw these together.

I picked up all the materials to make two complete stands at the local hardware store and walked out spending $30.45 total.

The materials needed to complete one stand are…

  • 10′ PVC pipe 1.5″ diameter
  • 4 – 90° elbow 1.5″
  • 2 – Tee fitting 1.5″

Tools required…

  •  Tape measure
  • Hacksaw or skill saw
  • Marker or pen
  • Glue (optional)

We first will start by taking the 10′ PVC pipe and cutting it into sections. You will need:

4 – 12″
2 – 16″
2 – 20″

If you cut right you should use the entire 10′ section with none left over. These lengths can be adjusted to your preferences. I am weird and don’t like to waste much of anything or have extra materials.


Here is the lay out you will have after you make all your cuts and lay out the elbows and tees.

Next we will take our 4 90° elbows and stick two to each end of the 16″ sections, and place them at the top and bottom similar to the picture above. Connect a 12″ piece to the other end of each elbows with one of the straight ends of the “T” pieces. Now finish it off by completing the rectangle with the open end of the “T” pieces pointing up. Finish off the stand by placing the remaining 20″ pieces of pipe into the open upward facing hole on the “T”‘s.



If you want to glue it together that is optional. I chose to only glue certain parts so the stands can be broken down and stored for travel.


Finished, now all you need are 1″ furring strips, roughly 6′ tall to place inside the vertical holders to staple your targets to. This width will work with your standard IDPA target roughly 18″ to 18.5″ wide.


I hope you enjoyed this little DIY. It is a cheap alternative to some of the expensive metal stands out there and will be easier to break down and transport for you. Let me know how it works for you or send me a picture of you using your stand and I will be sure to share it on the Facebook page.

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I have been prepping for the baby coming the last week so I have been gradually moving around my gear from my safe room to my man cave/reloading area. While going through all the stuff I found all the bags and boxes I had sent back to myself from the SHOT Show. Among all the forgotten treasures was a big bag of Patches from many companies that was handed out or were laying on a table and I snagged it. I decided that my reloading room was not tactical enough and that these were just too cool and they needed displayed. I got to thinking of a way to display them that still made it easy to pull them off so I could display them on my coat or pack when I wanted something different. I came up with a super cheap and easy Saturday project that cost less than $5 and only took about 10 minutes to complete.


Materials were simple.



  • You need one board
  • 1 staple gun
  • 1 wire coat hanger
  • Enough Felt to cover the chosen board

The board I chose was a peg board I had lying around for about 7 years from the previous homeowner. The board measured 22″x24″ so I went with a square yard of felt I picked up from Walmart for $3.95. The wire hangr came from the million I have hanging in my closet that I get with work uniforms weekly.

This is a pretty simple process and super easy. Take the felt and lay it flat on the floor and lay the board on top of it. Wrap the felt around the board and staple the material onto the side that will be facing the wall.

stapeling patch board

Stand the board up and stretch the loose side tightly to eliminate any wrinkles that may be visible on the front.

stapeling patch board 2

Fold the excess material in to clean up the look if you want. I only did the top part since the bottom was cut fairly straight.

back of board

At this point you can apply your method of hanging. I considered fishing line but it was out in my tackle box and I didn’t feel like digging for it so I used a wire hanger that was hanging in my closet. I cut around 6 inches off the hanger and placed it into the peg holes. I bent about an inch of wire up to secure it to the board and did the same about 5 holes away on the same line as you can see in the picture above.

Now you are ready to apply your patches and observe you handy work.

finished off wall

Now take it to it’s new home and hang it up.


This project was super quick and so simple I wish that I would have done it awhile ago. After I got the pictures all taken I realized I had more patches stuffed away in another box that I forgot about so after the pictures were all uploaded I added more. Sorry for the crappy cell phone photos also. I promise I will have some better pictures coming later in the week from Sunday’s range day recap with a good group of shooters. Anyone or company that wants to donate a patch towards the board feel free to contact me.

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