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Through their lawyer the Routh family released a picture and a statement.

Raymond and I want to express our deepest condolences to the Kyle and Littlefield families. We are incredibly heartbroken for your loss.

We wish we could thank Chris Kyle for his genuine interest in helping our son overcome his battle with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

We want others with PTSD to know their struggle is recognized and we hope his tragedy will somehow help in getting greater care for and assistance to those in need

No words can truly express the sorrow we feel for the Kyles and Littlefields, their extended family and friends. Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with you all.

-The Routh Family

Suspected killer Eddie Ray Routh is being held on a $3 million dollar bond and is currently on suicide watch.  The US military confirmed that Routh served in the Marines from 2006 to 2010.

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More On Chris Kyle

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A statement was given by his brother on behalf of the rest of his family.

A little excerpt from the statement:

“Chris lived by a professional motto: ‘It is our duty to serve those who serve us.’ And he and Chad died honoring this creed.”

And this seems to be Kyle’s last interview.

Asked at the end of the interview if he had anything else to add, Kyle took a deep sigh and said, “I’m tired.”

Kyle worked tirelessly to serve his country even after his dues were paid in full many times over. Let him rest now and let us pick up where he left off in reaching out to those who have served us and return suffering.


The more you look into this story the more bizarre it is. Ill keep updating this post with more news as it comes out and im aware of it.

Supposedly the killer was a well trained individual with military experience.

The Blaze says it might have been one of the one of the soldiers he was helping.

“Late Saturday, Lancaster police arrested a man who they say matched the description of a man wanted in connection with the slayings. After a brief chase, officers arrested 25-year-old Eddie Ray Routh, according to Lancaster police spokesperson Kelly Hooten.”

His Wikipedia page has been edited already.

Tweets from Jason Whitley says the suspect was a former Marine.

10 best quotes from American Sniper from the Blaze

Confirming the suspect was former marine suffering from PTSD.

“Witnesses told sheriff’s investigators that the gunman opened fire on the two men around 3:30 p.m., then fled in a pickup truck belonging to one of the victims. The sheriff’s department didn’t get a call until around 6 p.m.” What?!?

The second victim: 35-year-old Chad Littlefield was also killed in the shooting.


Photo of the gunman. (Photo credit: The Blaze)


He was shot and killed at an upscale shooting range in Texas while helping with soldiers who suffered from PTSD.

I am literally speechless. Chris’s book American Sniper was one of the best books I have read. It spoke to me on many levels and I was planning on reviewing it very soon in an up coming post.

I’m truly saddened by this news. Thoughts and prayers go out to his friends and family. Chris was a true American hero which served his country until the end. He will truly be missed and the whole shooting community feels the giant void left as a result of his passing.