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We didn’t have a class last weekend so we decided to hit up the range and get some practice in before the next class. It was raining a little when we got there so we decided to give the new concrete in the indoor range a test run until the weather cleared up. As we progressed from drill to drill we ended up on a mag change drill and we had a little equipment failure.

Earlier in the year when things were a little crazy and it was getting difficult to find those ammo and magazines some people had to make sacrifices and pick up what they could find. My buddy ran across a deal that had two KCI mags and a mag pouch.

Mags and pouch

Mags and pouch

So far he has never had any problems with them. All his mags functioned without any issues until one met the concrete after being dropped during the mag change. Mag goes one way, spring and follower go another, and the base plate manages to escape in yet a third direction.

It turns out that the baseplates on the KCI mags are a little weak.




Good news is the fix is easy and a sturdier Glock brand baseplate will fit. So if you have any KCI Glock mags just keep in mind that you might need to keep a few extra baseplates on hand to keep a mag in the game.

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Most of you that have been following Absolute BS since the beginning know one of my first reviews was of my Suunto Core all black watch. Well I wanted to post up an update and let everyone know a little more about it.

I have been wearing it for well over a year now and still have zero scratches on the mineral crystal face so that is saying something for the great quality and scratch resistance of this watch.

I unwillingly went swimming awhile back while still wearing it. I was tossed into a pool then proceeded to attempt to drown the culprit while wearing it before I knew I was still wearing it. It withstood all that. Suunto keeps its water resistance pretty vague. Some places will tell you 30 meters but I have also seen Suunto reps not recommending wearing the watch for surfing. I am finding other people say that if you don’t exceed a certain pressure you are fine also. Wearing it in a pool like I did gave me more confidence in not ruining a really expensive timepiece if I forgot to take it off again.

The major update I wanted to bring to you was I finally had to change my battery. The Low Battery emblem appeared for just a short time and it beeped an unusual sound and I noticed it. The one thing I didn’t like was the indicator disappeared and didn’t stay on. My only question is if I wasn’t wearing it and the indicator went off how would I have known? I waited to change the battery to see how long it would go under normal use until it finally just stopped completely. It seemed to last roughly 2 weeks after it let me know it was down to 10%. When it finally reached the end of the battery’s life the screen was not as clear and when I would push the backlight button it would actually shut off and restart the whole watch. I would say that is a pretty good indication that it needs some attention.

The battery lasted just over a year of normal everyday use which is almost exactly what Suunto says it will be. The battery change is really easy. You can go to any big box store and find a CR2030 battery. One thing I found useful was that the oversized notch located on the back of the watch is a perfect fit to use the new battery to turn out the battery door. I tried a quarter and a nickel but it seemed the new battery was more matched to the size of the slot than either.

I will recommend after turning the back off, you should clean out the area where the threads are with a q-tip or your finger just so the o-ring seals into place more securely. I am still super excited I don’t have to send the watch back every year to get the battery swapped and the watch re-pressurized.

This is really all I have on the updates as of now. If you want to see some pictures of it in action head over to Facebook and click like on the Absolute BS page or on the Valkyrie Defense Group page. There are plenty of pictures of me sporting my Core.

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Being Mother’s Day, I decided to look my best and show up nice and pretty but when I realized my Sunday best didn’t hide the Glock too well I decided I needed to change my carry method. This happens every now and then and I usually end up switching over to my Ruger LCP that is fitted with a Crimson Trace. My preferred way to carry it is in De Santis Nemesis pocket holster that is made to accept the Crimson trace laser guard. As I was getting ready, I started thinking about the pros and cons of pocket carry and thought it would make a good topic to put out there. When we look at pocket carry we see it as the most convenient, but with convenience there are some trade offs that are often overlooked.

Convenience is the major factor when it comes to pocket carry. Front pocket, cargo pocket, rear pocket it doesn’t matter, if the gun and holster fit it is going with you. In my case the shirt I was going to wear was a little more form-fitting than I usually wear so tossing my LCP into my front pocket was an easy fix. Pocket carry also can give you the deep concealment that is required with complete comfort. There is no IWB (inside waist band holster) there sticking you in the side making you uncomfortable. These are all pros to the pocket carry, now lets touch on the cons.

Often the first thing that is pointed out is that you are most likely having to give up some caliber, or do we? Well I have to say yes, in fact in my case you give up quite a bit. In the LCP I carry Hornady 90 gr. FTX. In the Glock I have Hornady 124 gr. TAP FPD. According to Hornady’s numbers I am losing around 30% energy just at the muzzle. The 380 is 200 ft/lb where as the 9mm is 339 ft/lb. So there is one con that is easy to spot. Sure there are other larger caliber pocket carry guns but you still are having to factor in the length of the barrel and that plays a large part when talking about power factor.

Magazine capacity is another downfall of the pocket pistols. The LCP sports a 6+1 capacity–less than half of my 19. You really need to make sure if carrying a pocket pistol you are also carrying an extra magazine. The typical self-defense shooting’s statistics show that encounters happen with big three, three feet, three shots, and three seconds. (Here is a drill to practice your 3-3-3) Knowing that the LCP has enough capacity isn’t enough, I would rather be ready to top the gun off if there is more than one bad guy to deal with. I will stress again to make sure you carry an extra mag.

The draw. This to me is the most overlooked part of the pocket carry option. People fail to realize how difficult it is to actually draw from a pocket holster because they never practice with it before they toss it in their pocket and go. If you pocket carry and are reading this please stop reading for a moment and find a mirror around your house and try some practice draws. (All safety rules apply! Use an unloaded firearm!) When carrying in the pocket I prefer to use my strong side front pocket. I do this because pocket carry requires you to go to the gun early, by this I mean that if you see something that could potentially be a threat you need to have your hand on the gun sooner than if you’re carrying on the hip. Why? It is without a doubt a slower and more easily fouled draw. Have you ever noticed that sometimes you have to adjust your body or stance to get your keys or cell phone out of your pocket? Now think about a crisis situation how hard it would be to get your hand into that front pocket and get that perfect stance while trying to fend off an attacker.(Drawing while sitting is a real chore so driving while choosing this method is a downside.) We also need to realize that there is a good reason to shield the pocket you are drawing from with your body. The worst thing to happen is for you to be trying to draw and the attacker pin your hand into your pocket with no way to get the gun deployed. The upside is that if you go to the gun you just look like a guy with his hand in his pocket which isn’t out of the ordinary. So remember go to the gun early and be ready to shield the draw with your body.

Also, reholstering is something that is overlooked. Do yourself the favor and just take the holster out of your pocket, put the gun in it, then place it back into the pocket. Yes it is slower, yes it is dorky looking, but putting a bullet down your leg because your holster flopped over and caught your trigger is even less cool.

I would say that I carry my Glock 9 times out of 10 and even after all the cons we have discussed it does not make pocket carry a deal breaker. I know people who carry pocket 100% of the time and they have accepted the facts that with the convenience they have to give something up. If you choose to give pocket carry a try just remember the few things we covered. Carry a spare mag, know you are losing some power factor so be ready to make an extra shot, go to the gun early, and be ready to shield the draw with your body. I remind myself of these things every time I walk out the door with the gun in my pocket instead of on my hip.

I hope this shed some light on a few things that you might not have considered when thinking about pocket carry. If you feel I missed something let me know in the comments section below. You can also comment on our Facebook page or stay in touch over at Shooters Legion. I always love to interact with my readers so feel free to send me your questions or comments. The email address is still or you can click the contact tab above and use the contact form you will see there.

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Wait, wait, wait! I can’t say that I’m upset because I have the classic Glock rail marks on my shooting hand that all real Glock enthusiasts have but come on!!!! I have waited patiently now for  some time. In fact the precise amount of time I have waited is from the time that Smith and Wesson came out with the Shield. I have been begging for something from Glock to compete with S&W. Then in Vegas we get Springfield coming into the game with their XDS 9. WHERE IS MY SINGLE STACKED 9MM?!?!?! When I and the rest of the Glock shooters asked you for some innovation we meant a little more than a beaver tail grip panel.

Who is with me? Let me know. Head over to Facebook or Shooters Legion and give me your thoughts.

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On Monday Magpul rolled out their new version of their back up sights. The rear sight features an all-steel construction. After that it seems to be pretty similar to the previous plastic versions. Selectable large and small apertures, standard AR sight height, and a low-profile windage adjustment knob. The rear sight again features an all steel construction. Another new feature is a no tools required elevation adjustment knob. As expected, the rear is the standard AR sight’s height. One last interesting feature is when in the down position, the rear sight only takes up less than 1 5/8″ of rail.

Magpul also released another Magpul-dynamics-inspired product. The Magpul 1911 grip panels. The grips were designed in part from feedback from the instructors and feature a diamond shaped cross-section to prevent twisting while shooting.  They also sport an aggressive magazine release cut-out and are compatible with ambidextrous safeties. Made from carbon-reinforced polymer, and only available in carbon gray at this time with additional fitments and materials coming in the future.

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Now before you pick up the pitchforks this isn’t as bad as it sounds. In fact this is not too bad.

Here is the release they posted to their Facebook:

Due to the recent and numerous new Anti-gun/Anti-2nd Amendment laws passed and/or pending across our country, LaRue Tactical has been forced to reconsider how we provide products to state and local agencies.

Effective today, in an effort to see that no legal mistakes are made by LaRue Tactical and/or its employees, we will apply all current State and Local Laws (as applied to civilians) to state and local law enforcement / government agencies. In other words, LaRue Tactical will limit all sales to what law-abiding citizens residing in their districts can purchase or possess.

State and local laws have always been a serious focus of this firm, and we are now dovetailing that focus with the constitutional rights of the residents covered in their different areas by the old and new regulations.

We realize this effort will have an impact on this firm’s sales – and have decided the lost sales are less danger to this firm than potential lawsuits from erroneous shipments generated by something as simple as human error.

Thanks in advance for your understanding.

Mark LaRue

* * This policy does not apply to Military / Federal Agencies * *

I like this! Larue states it is protect them from lawsuit, but I would like to believe that it is their attempt to thumb their nose at the states that have decided to no longer alow their citizens to have all the liberty the second amendment grants.

It is my belief that we reserve the same rights as the state and the federal government in regards to what weaponry can be owned. “Shall not be infringed” is nonnegotiable. (I might have to do a post on this stance later to further explain myself.)

Good for you Larue and thank you for taking a stance for the “little people” I hope other companies follow your lead. Head over to Larue’s site and check them out and maybe throw some money down for some of their great products.


Colorado politicians what are you thinking? Seriously, is it still for the children? Does losing millions of dollars in tax revenue and putting over a thousand of your citizens out of work seem like the best thing for your state?  Is that for the children?

From Magpul’s Facebook page:

In addition to the national battle to protect our firearms rights, many states are currently engaged in their own fights.  Here in CO, a state with a strong heritage of firearm and other personal freedoms, we are facing some extreme challenges to firearms rights.   We have been engaged in dialogue with legislators here presenting our arguments to stop legislation from even being introduced, but our efforts did not deter those of extreme views.

After the NRAs visit last week, several anti-freedom bills were introduced by CO legislators, and a very aggressive timeline has been set forth in moving these bills forward.

The bills include:
HB 1229,  Background checks for Gun Transfers–a measure to prohibit private sales between CO residents, and instead require a full FFL transfer, including a 4473.

HB 1228, Payment for Background Checks for Gun Transfers– a measure that would require CO residents to pay for the back logged state-run CBI system (currently taking 3 times the federally mandated wait time for checks to occur) instead of using the free federal NICS checks.

And finally, HB 1224, Prohibiting Large Capacity Ammunition Magazines–a measure that bans the possession, sale, or transfer of magazines over 10 round capacity.  The measures and stipulations in this bill would deprive CO residents of the value of their private property by prohibiting the sale or transfer of all magazines over 10 rounds.   This bill would also prohibit manufacture of magazines greater than 10 rounds for commercial sale out of the state, and place restrictions on the manufacture of military and law enforcement magazines that would cripple production.

We’d like to ask all CO residents to please contact your state legislators and the members of the Judiciary Committee and urge them to kill these measures in committee, and to vote NO if they reach the floor.

We also ask you to show your support for the 2nd Amendment at the Capitol on Tuesday, Feb 12, for the magazine ban committee hearing and Wednesday,
Feb 13, for the hearing on the other measures.

Due to the highly restrictive language in HB 1224, if passed, and we remained here, this measure would require us to cease PMAG production on July 1, 2013.

In short, Magpul would be unable to remain in business as a CO company, and the over 200 jobs for direct employees and nearly 700 jobs at our subcontractors and suppliers would pick up and leave CO.  Due to the structure of our operations, this would be entirely possible, hopefully without significant disruption to production.

The legislators drafting these measures do so in spite of the fact that nothing they are proposing will do anything to even marginally improve public safety in CO,  and in fact, will leave law-abiding CO residents less able to defend themselves, strip away rights and property from residents who have done nothing wrong, and send nearly 1000 jobs and millions in tax revenue out of the state.

We like CO, we want to continue to operate in CO, but most of all, we want CO to remain FREE.

Please help us in this fight, and let your voices be heard!

We have included the contact information for the House Judiciary committee for your convenience:

House Judiciary Committee
Rep. Daniel Kagan, Chair: 303-866-2921,
Rep. Pete Lee, Vice Chair:  303-866-2932,
Rep. John Buckner:  303-866-2944,
Rep. Lois Court:  303-866-2967,
Rep. Bob Gardner, 303-866-2191,
Rep. Polly Lawrence, 303-866-2935,
Rep. Mike McLachlan, 303-866-2914,
Rep. Rep Carole Murray, 303-866-2948,
Rep. Brittany Pettersen, 303-866-2939,
Rep. Joseph Salazar, 303-866-2918,
Rep. Jared Wright, 303-866-2583,

If you are reading this and are from Colorado you better get on the phone or start emailing NOW.

At SHOT there was rumors floating around that Magpul was on a million magazine backorder and it seems to be turning up in the blogosphere as it being true. What I like about this statement is the part about wanting “Colorado to remain free.” Hat tip to you Magpul for looking out for the citizens of Colorado more than their representatives.