Absolute BS Blog is written by Brian Scheetz, an avid shooter, hunter, outdoorsman, and staunch pro-gun supporter from rural Ohio. Brian is a certified ICE Defensive Firearms CoachNRA Basic Pistol Instructor, a recent graduate from the Massad Ayoob Group MAG-20 “Citizens Rules of Engagement” class and is the Co-owner of Valkyrie Defense Group. VDG is a firearms training company based out of central Ohio and provides Ohio CHL classes along with advanced firearms training. Brian started his love for firearms early. Some of his earliest memories are sitting on his grandparent’s deck with his grandfather’s pellet gun shooting 22 lr casings off fence posts across the yard. Since then he has developed a love from pistols to rifles and everything in between. With a huge passion for learning he attends as many classes as time, funds, and family will allow to bring to his readers and his students the best, most up date, advice and tips he can.

This blog is dedicated to bringing you the absolute best in firearms news, top quality reviews, and pro second amendment commentary.

“And whether they hear or refuse to hear … they will know that a prophet has been among them.” Ezekiel 2:5

  1. Remadl76239 says:

    What happened to the podcast “Brass Call”, I believe Ryan Rocquin ran it?????

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