Polishing the Turd Part 2

Posted: March 3, 2014 in Uncategorized

In Part 1 I laid out the ground work for what the reason was behind me kicking off this little project. The first negative I wanted to address with the lack of grip on the gun. The 40 caliber is a snappy round and adding in the high bore axis of the Sigma I would sometimes find myself adjusting my grip in between shots and it effects my ability to shoot the gun quickly.

Here you can see the Sigma before it goes under the knife.

Here you can see the Sigma before it goes under the knife.

Disassembled and shaved down. You can see the raised area around the mag release making it difficult for lefties to get to it.

Disassembled and shaved down. You can see the raised area around the mag release making it difficult for lefties to get to it.

The solution I came up with was to give it a good stipple job. Now I have always been pretty reluctant to take a soldering iron to any gun of value, but as I said in part 1 this gun is almost like an ugly step child. I was a little less worried about me hating it when it came back. Well I can say I am ready to send off the Glock and the Vtac and have them done now. I am feeling a lot less nervous about having it done to a higher end or more valuable gun after seeing the work.

Ryan List is the man that performed the operation. Full disclosure, Ryan is affiliated with Valkyrie Defense Group, he takes care of all our students that are looking to apply a little functional personalization their pistols. When you look closely at the pictures of the finished job Ryan does top quality work.

One example of Ryan's handy work.

One example of Ryan’s handy work on another customer’s XD.

When I was talking with Ryan about what I wanted to do I was pretty specific. I wanted more grip but not too much that I would be removing layers of skin every time I pulled the trigger. Ryan has done some pretty cool designs and I wanted to stay away from anything too flashy also. I also showed him how I always had a problem hitting the mag release the way it the mag release button is molded to be flush with the frame. He took down all the notes and went to work.


The pictures of the final product speak for themselves. It was just what I asked for. The smaller textures gives the gun a great improvement over stock but not so aggressive that you can’t shoot it. I took it out and shot over a hundred rounds through it and shared it around with everyone shooting with me and it was pretty unanimous that the texture is that happy medium.


The big surprise is the frame alteration.  Now the mag release is a guaranteed press every time without focusing too much on the motion, it comes as more of natural and fluid motion.

Notice the frame mod around the mag release.

Notice the frame mod around the mag release.

If you are interested in having a gun of yours stippled three are many companies out there that can handle the work but I am going to recommend getting ahold of Ryan and getting an estimate. You can reach him through the Valkyrie Defense Website or by sending Facebook message.

Are we finished with our project? Absolutely not. If you remember in part one I said that the biggest problem with the gun was its trigger. Next part of this series we will touch on a how to address this huge downfall. You can keep updated on the project and follow along with the pictures I will be putting up on the blog’s Facebook page. Be sure to Like the page and share it with all the Sigma shooters you know.

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