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Georgia is moving in the right direction and not everyone is happy about it.  The “Safe Carry Protection Act” is now waiting on approval from Gov. Nathan Deal. Deal has an A rating from the NRA and it has been previously been reported that he stated he would sign any pro 2A bill that reaches his desk.

Of course all the standard outlets are shitting their pants in typical “blood of the streets” hysteria and one Anti-gun radio host went a little above and beyond with his misinformation filled rant. Mike Malloy who seems to think that the answer to curbing gun violence in the nation is …. well…. threatening more gun violence. Here is the rant…. (You can listen to it yourself over on the Guns Save Lives Blog)

[The] organization founded by Gabrielle Giffords…the former Arizona Congresswoman…who was critically wounded in a mass shooting in 2011, she calls it “the most extreme gun bill in America.” The NRA, which they’re behind this of course, they want guns everywhere….I would like to invite one of the NRA board members, and I’ll be armed, let’s just get this over with, OK? Come on down to Georgia and I’ll be packing heat and you be packing heat or whether you want to or not, I don’t give a damn, it’s up to you. And you come, meet me someplace, and all of sudden, see, we have stand your ground here, and all of a sudden I’m going to feel real…threatened by you! And I will shoot you! If I feel threatened. The law says I can. Ha ha ha ha ha, Ha ha ha ha ha!

Now anyone who knows anything that isn’t at all how a “Stand Your Ground law” works. It doesn’t matter if a state has a Stand Your Ground Law in effect or not you still have to prove your actions were reasonable and prudent by fulfilling the elements of Ability, Opportunity, and Jeopardy (If you have taken your concealed handgun class and have never head of AOJ before you should go get yourself in to a real class). People like Mr. Malloy think that if you keep repeating a lie eventually it will come true. If I remember correctly Albert Einstein described insanity as doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results.

Comments as usual are always welcome over on the Facebook page. Stop by and give it a like and while you are there let me know what you think about the Anti-gun side being the more violent side of the Second Amendment argument.

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California State Senator Leland Yee is really all I have to say and you automatically start rolling your eyes.  It is everywhere, Facebook, blogs, heck even the NRA is talking about it. But I’m not here to tell you what you already know. Nope, today I am here to ask you why you are surprised?

I need to remind everyone that even before the title of Anti-gun Democrat comes the title POLITICIAN and therefore none of this should surprise anyone. How many times have we talked about the laws being for the little people? These types of people only care about their reputation during an election cycle where they come off their political high horse to kiss some hands and shake a few babies, say what needs to be said, and then head back to their elitist ways as soon as the votes are counted and wait for the time comes back around to start the vicious cycle over again.

The only bright side of this is he has with drawn from the Secretary of State race and is now facing calls for his resignation as a State Senator.  Jeez… I thought with this extensive resume he would be the top candidate for a leadership role at the Justice Department. Unfortunately, I believe Eric Holder was over heard saying that here was only room for one gun smuggler in the Democrat party….. ZING!

Thoughts? Head over the Facebook Page and let me know how you feel or you can comment with your best Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift Leland Yee edition joke.

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Ok maybe I would understand if you would move it above me. If you remember the MAG 20: Citizens Rules of Engagement I took in the middle of February you probably are well aware of my praise for Massad Ayoob. Not only is he a great teacher and instructor but he also transfers that information over into his blog over on Backwoods Home Magazine. He is in the middle of a series about “Why we use expanding bullets” now and it is so full of facts. I recommend that you print it out and put it in a safe place for future reading.

One of my very favorite series he did was on the George Zimmerman trial. If you think you understand the Zimmerman trial and verdict you have another thing coming. I urge you to read all 20 parts to this series and then try to tell me you didn’t learn something. You can find the first part of the series here.  The great thing about this entire series is Mas uses the entire situation as a learning experience for the average concealed carry person. If you want a look into what kind of information is in the MAG 20 classroom here is prime example of a fraction of knowledge Mr. Ayoob has to offer.

I have had this post on deck to post for quite a while and never got around to finishing it. After I started into reading his latest series I knew I had to finish it and get the info out there to my readers. Massad Ayoobs’ blog is a great resource and I didn’t want my readers to go any longer without it. Here is my challenge to my readers… Go read some of the posts in his Zimmerman series and let me know on the Facebook page what you found most interesting.

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Over the weekend we had yet another Concealed Handgun Class and we were covering the subject of cleaning your handgun. We usually snicker when we read the NRA suggestion of cleaning after every time you shoot your gun. The instructors that help us at Valkyrie Defense Group are all guilty of going pretty long durations before our guns get anymore than just a wipe down. Let’s face it if I cleaned my guns every time I fired them my son would probably not know who I am. One reason I love instructing is when I am talking or answering questions sometimes I will have a little epiphany or in this situation a realization and when I do I try to make a mental note to come back here to share.

Yesterday talking about cleaning it hit me that I never carry a “clean” gun. I have this weird habit of when I clean any of my carry guns I will not feel right carrying it until I have shot a magazine through it to perform a function test. I want to be absolutely sure that the gun was put back together properly before I want to depend my life on it. The last thing I want is to clean my gun and head out into a situation where I need to defend my life with it and get a click instead of a bang in that critical moment. The new R51 is a gun that has me thinking this needs to be considered more and more for people.

When you re-assemble the R51 you must slip a small tab on the slide stop of the gun underneath this little spring. You must insert it perfectly parallel to the slide. If you tilt the slide stop upwards by as little as a 1/16th of an inch, if it rides above the spring, the gun will malfunction.

Just to make sure I’m not just picking on the R51, my Ruger LCP requires the recoil spring to be replaced a certain way. If not it will fail to eject on nearly every shot.

How about you? Have you ever thought about function testing your gun before you depend your life on it? Head over to the Facebook page and let me know if this is something that has ever crossed your mind or if you do something similar. While you are there make sure you give me a like to keep up to date on all the pictures of some of the projects I’m working on.

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Back at it again. Since 1995 there has been attempts to make the license to carry a firearm as universal as a drivers license. To me it makes sense. If we want to touch on real stopping power you all can argue which is best 9mm through 45 cal. but I will argue a 3000 pound minivan traveling 55 mph beats everything in a handgun caliber. Drivers licenses are nationally recognized and more people have died from the ability a drivers license give you than all those crazy concealed handgun licenses out there.

Again, to me it just makes sense. What are your thoughts? Let me know on the Facebook page and make sure you click like when you are there.

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I know I am a little late to this party but a few weeks ago a mother in Detroit defended her home and scared away 3 attackers with a firearm. Everyone else chocked it up as another one for the good guys but I was thinking about this a little more today and wanted to touch on a few things. If you haven’t seen the video here is a news report covering the story.

If you didn’t catch it right away I don’t blame you. The story refers to the firearm as an “Assault Rifle” when really it was a High Point carbine. More specific it was a 995TS with a meager retail price of $297. How can that be? Why didn’t the intruders point and laugh at the fact that momma bear was wielding an inexpensive, often frowned upon firearm brand? Is it possible that the bad guys don’t care what brand of gun those hot lead projectiles are coming out of?

We have had a few different occasions when students have showed up with High Points and never once has any student had any trouble so I cannot say something bad about their performance in any of our classes.   I always tell everyone to think of your daily carry gun as an insurance policy and ask yourself, How much is your life worth? Would I depend my life on a High Point? Probably not over my Glock or the Vtac but if I was cash strapped and needed SOMETHING I wouldn’t turn one down. ANY gun is better than NO gun and this mother proved it to us.

There were three other things I wanted to touch on about this story, also that I think a lot of people are over looking. First I wanted to point out the home owner was telling the intruders that she had a gun while they were kicking her door in and that didn’t stop them. One intruder was so brazen that he attempted to come back in after they all fled even after she fired shots. What would have happened if she took Drunk Uncle Joe’s advice and only had a double barrel shotgun? She would have been reloading when the intruder came back for more.

Second, I wanted to bring to the attention that she fired an unknown amount of rounds and never hit anything. Where did the rounds go? We are responsible for every bullet that leaves the barrel of the gun. Get training folks. Train with your guns so you can make the hits when you have three criminals kicking your door in.

Third, the Detroit chief of police is starting to win me over lately. He has been on a roll pretty much telling the criminals their time is over and encouraging citizens to arm up. Finally some real solutions coming to the Motor City.

I know I am probably the only blogger out there who looked at this at these weird angles but these were the first things to pop into my head when I read this story. It is probably not common for a blogger to stand up and say that in this instance a High Point was enough to get the job done but I’m not the common blogger.

So I ask the question, am I wrong about any gun is better than no gun? Head over to the Facebook page and let me know where you stand.

Second Legion

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Now that it is pretty clear that Shooters Legion isn’t coming back anytime soon the shoes have been quickly filled by a new kid on the block. Second Legion has hit the scene and has become closer to what the old site aimed for. Shooters Legion started out wanting to be the new Facebook for shooter. Second Legion has hit the nail on the head. This site has a lot of potential as did the old site but this one seems to be on its way to some success. Head over and check it out. Let them know I sent you. Search for Absolute BS Blog and send me a friend request.

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