No Live Ammo In The Classroom

Posted: February 12, 2014 in Uncategorized
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A common question we get while teaching the classroom portion of our Concealed Handgun classes is why there is no live ammunition allowed in the classroom. Short answer is it is NRA policy and it just makes sense. The same reason we don’t have live ammo around while we dry fire or clean our gun we don’t have it around while we are in a classroom and we don’t want things to go boom.

My guess is al-Qaida will start adopting NRA policies real soon. They had a little whoops at terrorist college a few days ago in car bombs 101. Twenty-one students came one suicide mission short of their 72 virgins while a couple dozen more were arrested by security forces. Such a shame…..

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  1. […] Who remembers the instructor from Lancaster Ohio who cracked one off in the class room while demonstrating how you don’t have to remove a revolver from a purse to fire it? Well, he made the news again today. It was actually good news for him and some pretty shitty news for every other NRA instructor out there. Good news for him is that he didn’t get charged with a felony for winging a student. Bad news for us because every time you identify yourself as a NRA instructor you are automatically synonymous with this asshole. […]

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