Reader Mail – Rifle Training with 22lr

Posted: January 21, 2014 in Uncategorized
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As I have always said I love to get reader mail. I especially love it when I get a question for a future post. Last week I got a message From Scott. Scott asked:

First, thanks for a solid year of interesting posts. I’m not sure if you shoot much distance, but I think it would be interesting to compare .22lr at a moderate distance to larger center fire cartridges at long distances as a training tool. Does .22 at 200-300M have value as a training tool to shoot .308 at 1,000M?

Thanks for writing in Scott and I will start by saying thanks for sticking around for the first year. I am only hoping it is going to get better. I used to be pretty heavy into long range shooting and it was there where I really found my love for honing skills.

Onto your question, (when you can find it) 22lr makes a great trainer for both rifle and pistol. Since Scott asked about rifle we will stick to that subject. The more you practice the fundamentals the better in my opinion. When I was focusing more on rifles I trained a ton with 22lr and did a lot of dry fire practice. Hold Control, Breath Control, Trigger Control, and my Follow Through is what I would focus on because it is all the same whether you are dry firing, using rim fire, or center fire.

Now does the 22 have a training value for the 308…. I say yes. The 22lr and the 308 do have quite a bit in common when it comes to wind drift.


When researching I couldn’t find much on the relation to each other when it comes to drop except for this on the Long Range Hunting forum.

based on my experience and #’s through my set ups both 22 and 308 and running through a ballistics calculator that matches my range results, i came up with a drop comparison(22lr zeroed at 50 yards, .308 at 100yards,drop in inches). once again, this best matches my data, your numbers will probably differ:

22lr 40gr. .075bc 1040fps / .308win 165grSST .447bc 2600fps

22lr drop .308
50yds 0 = 100yds
75yds 2.8 = 175yds
100yds 8.3 = 240yds
125yds 17.6 = 315yds
150yds 30.8 = 380yds
175yds 47.3 = 450yds
200yds 68.7 = 510yds
225yds 92.5 = 560yds
250yds 123.9 = 630yds
275yds 158.2 = 690yds
300yds 199.9 = 770yds
325yds 248.8 = 820yds
350yds 304.8 = 880yds
375yds 367.9 = 940yds
400yds 437.6 = 987yds

I will say the downfall to training with the 22 for shooting 308 is obviously going to be lack of recoil but as I said before the solid foundation of fundamentals are still what are building on and the question was is it a good training tool and I still am sticking with it being a great tool.

If you have any questions or topics you want to send on to me feel free. If you want to message me and tell me I am doing a good job or even if you want to tell me I suck I would love to hear from you. You can feel free to message me on Facebook or by using the Contact tab at the top of the page. Be sure to like the Facebook page and share it with your friends.

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