First Impressions: Smith & Wesson Vtac

Posted: January 14, 2014 in Uncategorized

So I jumped shipped a little bit. I was already in the process of looking for a new full-size pistol to play with and after my disappointment of Glock’s new 42 being a .380 instead of a 9mm I decided to move away from Glock for awhile. Don’t get me wrong, I love my 19. It has never let me down once and has had THOUSANDS of rounds of proven performance put through it. But alas, I have made the jump.

The new gun I have chosen to carry is a Smith & Wesson M&P Vtac 9mm. If you remember about this time last year I ran across this gun at SHOT Show and made the comment after I saw it that if I would ever own a Smith it would probably be the Vtac. The Vtac is a full-sized M&P finished in Flat Dark Earth (FDE) and topped with Vtac Warrior sights on the front and rear.  As of writing this I have put over 500 rounds through the gun of both fmj’s and a magazine of my carry ammo, the gun ran without a hitch and gave me the confidence to make it the new everyday gun. I did want to run down some pros and cons that I have come across in the first 500 rounds that I wanted to share in this first impression post.


First I will start with the pros. The color is the first thing that everyone notices with the gun. Without a doubt it is a real head turner. The second thing people notice are the sights.  They are super bright, way brighter than the Truglo TFOs that are on my 19. Another part of the Vtac that I never considered being a big deal as a left-handed person is the ambidextrous slide release. The last pro I wanted to touch on was the trigger. I always said that the trigger of the earlier M&P’s was their biggest down fall. Smith listened to their critics and have since released a newer version of the trigger.  The reason I wanted to mention this in the pros section is it is a big upgrade over all the other Smiths I have shot with the older version of the trigger.

Moving onto the cons that I have found it might sound a little like pros above. Again we will start with the color. As nice as the color is it is a bitch to keep clean. The first day I took the gun out and put 200 rounds through it, by the end of the day the slide around the muzzle was showing plenty of signs of carbon. After some dry fire practice one night, I also noticed that the holster is leaving a little wear on the slide that I would never had noticed on the Glock with its black slide. The next down fall I noticed is the grip definitely isn’t as textured as the 19’s. I can now see why so many people are stippling the M&P. I guess this might be an upgrade I will have to do in the near future. Another down fall was only having two magazines included with the gun. And finally I did find one little blemish from the factory that you can see behind he trigger. It looks like it was an injection molding issue but I am not too worried about it. If that is the only mark this gun ever gets on it, it would be a big surprise to me seeing as I am really hard on stuff.


One thing that I found that is completely unassociated with this gun alone is the cost of switching platforms. New holsters, mag carriers, extra magazines are all something that need to be considered when switching to a new gun for carry and I kinda dropped the ball. I bought the gun rather quickly when I surprisingly found it on sale at a gun store and didn’t think through my entire Concealed Carry system that was going to go along with this new gun. It didn’t take me long to get it sorted back out

Overall I am pleased with it. If you have any questions regarding the gun feel free to send me a message or ask away on Facebook. I know I didn’t go too far in-depth with this but keep in mind it is just a first impressions post and I will keep updating everyone as I get more familiar with it. In order to keep up with me, head over and like the Facebook page. I usually do a pretty good job of keeping the ball rolling with discussion so come over and enjoy the company.

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  1. Adam says:

    Welcome to the real gun club!

  2. […] know and today is one of those days. As some of you may remember when going over my thoughts on the Smith & Wesson Vtac I said that I was disappointed with the fact there was only 2 mags in the package. I like to have a […]

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