The T.A.S.K from Fight and Flight Tactical

Posted: January 13, 2014 in Reviews
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I don’t normally give reviews of products unless I have used them for a minimum of three months. There are a few products I have been testing and taking notes on for over a year now just to make sure I can give an honest and complete review but this product I bought just before Christmas for myself and a few friends and couldn’t wait to write a review for you guys and gals.


The T.A.S.K or Tactical Ass Scrubbing Kit is the only personal hygiene product on the market I have found. Constructed of anti-microbial mesh and available in two colors, Black or Tan, the T.A.S.K can be used with solid bars like Dove Men (because I am a Man.) or liquid soap. Ladies don’t feel left out, according to Fight or Flight Tactical website

Gals:  It exfoliates to reveal a newer, softer you, and works with your favorite beauty bar.  The mesh’s antimicrobial fibers also prevents bacterial growth, so there’s no lingering ikkiness.

That is cute. Wonder what they say about guys?

Guys: It scrubs off the grime and stank, and even uses your leftover soap slivers. Wash away the blood of your enemies, making you smell and look better as you hear the lamentation of their women.

The T.A.S.K. does have a short break in period which is one of the downfalls I could find. By break in period I mean it takes a few uses to soften it up a little. Just claiming that they come a little stiff is a little understatement. Don’t be surprised if while washing off the blood of your enemies you also wash away a layer or two of your skin. The other down fall I found was the 6″ piece of webbing could be just a tad bit longer so I could get it around the hot or cold water knobs in the shower. Other than those two changes I think this is a well thought out product.

If you have any of your tactical loving brethren with a birthday or gift giving holiday coming up, or if you have one that nobody wants to stack up with on a door breach because the only abusive thing about them isn’t their language,  these make a great inexpensive little gift.  If you are interested in finding one you can pick them up from Fight and Flight Tactical here. If you are interested in more reviews that I have done you can find them under the “Reviews” tab above.

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