Out In the Cold

Posted: January 8, 2014 in Uncategorized
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This week so far I have been trying to make it home and thawed out in time to get something of relevance out but have been coming up short. Every night I have started a post and pitched it before it was done. I think the cold has been destroying my creative side.


I work outside and the last couple days have really reminded me what cold temps will do to the body. Since I work out in the weather all year round, I am looked at funny a lot because I rarely wear anything more than a light jacket in the winter. Standing outside in -20° temps for long periods of time will change a man apparently. But those who aren’t as acclimated to the weather as I am can learn a thing or two from a podcast I listened to a few years ago from Paul Carlson on the Safety Solutions Academy Podcast. Paul goes into detail about how to dress for winter and the science behind it. If you don’t have time to listen to it he has the written outline of the show in the show notes below.

I have also been pretty busy prepping for Valkyrie Defense Group Concealed Handgun classes that are coming up. We are booked through mid February so if you are in Ohio and need to take your class we would love to have you.  You can contact us on our Facebook page. If you are want us to come to you when the weather breaks, get with us soon. The way our schedule looks with the cold weather here we are going to be a busy bunch when warmer weather comes so book your dates now. This weekend we will have one of our biggest classes yet and I will be sure to get some photos to share.

Speaking of VDG, I have also been busy ironing out the details on some new swag items. By the end of the week we will have shirts available at classes and upon request. I have a sample of window decals and another sampling of hats coming too. Patches are in the works, but my vendor fell through. So now I am stuck without a vendor so if anyone has a good patch maker please get with me. Send me a pm on Facebook or an email from here.

I am still working on those projects I hinted to last week and they are coming along great. I am waiting on some photos to come back so I can finish up one this week or next. The other is going to depend on the time it takes to get some parts in from a manufacturer so it is up to them on when it will be finished.

Again sorry for the slow down. It seems I put a good week of posts out then get hammered with other stuff and can’t bring you all decent content. I feel it is better to skip a day or two than to put out mediocre material. If you think differently feel free to let me know. And if you have a subject or question that you want touched on let me know. Be sure to hit up the Facebook and like the page if you haven’t already. Last but not least–stay warm out there!


Reel feel -29!!!!

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