More Thoughts on the G42

Posted: January 1, 2014 in Uncategorized
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I know we have been beating this dead horse for a few weeks now but there is a lot of buzz going about. There was one very interesting piece written that is a whole new perspective and way of thinking on the Glock 42.

The Mad Ogre put out a good point of view that I haven’t heard from anyone else and I never really thought about either. He does have a valid point on the trigger. Most of the pocket pistol 380s have atrocious triggers. Can Glock keep the trigger consistent? We shall see. If they can, like George said, it will make some huge ripples in the 380 market.

I still have no doubt this gun will sell seeing as it is a Glock and brand loyal shooters will flock to it. But I still stand firm that if the G42 was a 9mm it would be one of the best selling guns they have come out with in recent years. Oh well, there is always next years SHOT Show right?

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  1. Scott M says:

    I agree that is would be much better (at least for me) as a 9mm with the same specs. 9mm is more powerful, easier to find, and much cheaper.

    I assume it will be released as a 9mm next year. They wanted a piece of the 380 market and with a standard glock trigger pull, they might look pretty attractive to new 380 buyers. I don’t think a 380 would be relavent if it were released after a 9mm.

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