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Like I mentioned last night I took the morning off work to hit the woods bright and early. Deer gun season in central Ohio is a considered a holiday. Hell, they even give kids the opening day off school!

My youngest sister, 22, wanted someone to go so it was an easy decision with it being Friday and Ohio was set to get dumped on with snow. That was the first problem of the morning, more on that in a minute.

The stand we hunt is an elevated blind looking out over a high wall. Each year I come out to find some new improvement. Last year was a nice new Mr. Heater to keep the toes warm. This year a busted office chair for your sitting pleasure. It is starting to look more like a living room than a hunting blind now but I’ll take it. We didn’t get any of the snow yet but we received an extra helping of rain and sleet. When I was leaving this morning the temp was around 38° and steadily dropping. I didn’t care so much until we walked into the stand and the walk way out to the blind was a solid sheet of ice.  Sitting here I’m still wondering how we are getting out without falling the 15-20 feet it is to the ground below. My sister nearly took the trip down on the way in and broke the cable we had as a hand rail as she fell to her knees.

I am really thankful we have had safety drilled into us all these years. Gun unloaded, on safe, she handed me her Benelli M1 Super 90 20ga. and her pack…. and her coffee… after I made it in. We just had a hunter shot in our area already this year. From what I gathered he was hoisting his gun up to his stand and it discharged killing him. We always stress safety on the range but we also need to hold firearm safety in the field or tree stand up to the same standards.

The NRA safety rules
Always keep the gun pointed in a safe direction.
Always keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot.
Always keep the gun unloaded until you are ready for use.

Always, Always, Always….

If we follow these rules while we are wearing our blaze orange or camo we shouldn’t have any problems and everyone should make it home with the same amount of holes in their body they started the day with.

And one last thing, when hunting with a younger sister double check her pack before you hit the woods. You might end up in a scarf making factory instead of a tree stand.


I will be back at the beginning of the week (and maybe even sooner) with a little review of some new gear I am trying out today. Remember we are still doing the anniversary giveaway. We have met the goal of 308 so I want to thank everyone very much for how quickly we hit our goal! I will keep the giveaway open until the end of the weekend and probably pick the winner Sunday night. So if you haven’t liked the Absolute BS Facebook page or the Valkyrie Defense Group Facebook you need to get on it and have it done by Sunday night if you want your chance at some free goodies.

Now back to my view…



Needless to say I have been pretty excited about the new Glock models that are supposed to be coming out around January. I am so excited that I have placed an order for the G42 without even knowing what it is. It seems a little crazy but I am rolling the dice a bit. Again I am thinking the G42 will be the single stack 9mm in direct competition with the S&W Shield. I have nothing against the Shield, my wife owns one and I sometimes carry it, but I am a Glock shooter.

Today we might have gotten a little closer to finding out what the new models are. If you remember correctly I guessed that there would be an optics ready fill size model to compete directly with the S&W CORE and the FNX-45…. well I am happy to say that I am a little closer to being right. Sportsman Depot may have jumped the gun a little bit and listed a Glock 41 in their “new items” section. The description they have is as follows…


I am going out on a limb here but I am betting Glock isn’t too happy that one of their disturbers ousted them. So incase Glock makes the pull it here is a screen shot of the page….

glock 41-1

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If you haven’t heard by now there has been an odd cryptic ad going around supposedly by Glock. Here is the ad….


The G42 is the first weird thing for me. Glock models go in order starting at the G17 (which was actually the 17th design the company came up with but was the 1st to make it to the market) and so on up to the Glock 39 this leaves a couple spots open if they are sticking to their numerical system.

I have talked to a few people, and they are telling me what very little their Glock reps are saying, but it sounds like we are in for at least two new models. There is a lot of speculation out there. People are guessing everything from a full on Glock Carbine to a full size 22lr trainer handgun. There is a big camp that thinks it will be a 380 version since there has been import restriction on the G25 and G28 here in the US. The reason I am skeptical on the 380 idea is because those two pistols already have a spot in the numerical line I don’t see Glock reserving two more model numbers for the same pistols. And the 380 was sooo three years ago. (Except for Ruger last year who in spite of everyone else showing up with single stack 9mm’s they crashed the party with the LC380.)

Now here is where I get to give you your moneys worth and tell you what I think is going to happen. At SHOT Show last year I was extremely disappointed with Glock for not introducing a new single stack 9mm. I actually put my full displeasure out there to one of the booth workers and had a pretty good conversation with him. Knowing what he told me and considering the fact that S&W has the Shield and Springfield has the XDs I am betting on a single stacked 9mm to be making it’s debut at SHOT this year. This is my final answer. All signs point to single stack 9 for me and I’m pretty pumped about it. I am tired of enjoying my wife’s Shield so much and having to lower my standards to a Smith & Wesson when I want to carry a thin gun.

I said above that this there is more than likely two new models coming out didn’t I? Well, the single stack 9 is my educated guess pick so I I will give you one guess from left field. I think the second new guns is going to be some sort of optics ready handgun. We saw it last year with the FNX-45 Tactical and now the M&P Core I think Glock is looking towards the future of what defensive handguns might be. Keep in mind also Outdoor Channel’s show Shooting Gallery just got finished filming a show called “Zero to Hero” with trainer Gabe Suarez using all Glocks with red dots mounted on them I think this guess is out there but not too unreasonable.

For my third and final trick I give you the Glock G99…..

Hey we can always speculate right? What do you think Glock is going to unveil at SHOT this year? Let me know in the comments below.

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Blog Anniversary Giveaway

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December 21st marks the one year anniversary of Absolute BS Blog. It has been a great year and I have gotten to know many great people through writing.
Last year the blog opened many doors to me and one big one would be Valkyrie Defense Group. With the blog’s Facebook page nearing 300 likes I got the idea to give something away. Since I’m a fan of .308 I will give a Valkyrie Defense Group T-shirt away if we can hit 308 likes by December 21st. But here is the kicker, you also must like Valkyrie Defense Groups page also.

If you haven’t liked the Facebook pages yet or have friends that still haven’t, get them to stop by and click like. Somebody is going to win themselves a VDG shirt and maybe something a little extra if we can hit 308 before the 21st.

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