2013 State by State Scorecard

Posted: December 12, 2013 in Uncategorized

I have been doing the single father thing for this week while the wife was out-of-town on business. I wanted to get a little blurb out today about the Brady Campaign’s 2013 State Scorecards because I think it is something that shouldn’t be missed. I think everyone should take a second and see where your state falls. I will say that if your state isn’t a D or F you should probably reevaluate why? I am a little upset that Ohio is 19th overall. Arizona takes the most free of the union, while California wins the top honors of largest slave state. The one state that surprises me (and is probably completely disappointed) is New York who is coming in at a shameful 5th.

Is it strange that even before I saw the new state rankings the states that ranked the best, or with the highest score, I had no desire to even set foot inside their boundaries?

How did your state do? I think it should be Ohio’s goal next year to shoot for a D- or shoot for the starts and got right for that F!!

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