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In honor of all the crazies headed out to pillage and plunder all the national big box stores I decided to start our own new tradition here on the blog.


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Happy Thanksgiving

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I wanted to wish everyone a safe and Happy Thanksgiving today. I’m so thankful that I have a community and audience that I can sound off to in a semi-regular basis.

Be sure to enjoy the time with family and friends. Also get lots of rest, check your credit card balances, and your game plan down for tomorrow. I still stand by the fact that Black Friday for gun guys is the day where we buy all the stuff for ourselves and put off shopping for everyone else until after we have everything what we want. (Well maybe this is what I do?)

Again have a Happy Thanksgiving and I will be back Friday with some more new out of the gun world.


Ignore The Man with The Gun

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Today I want to take a little trip in the news down to Mobile Alabama. It is a classic good guy stops a bad guy with a gun story but with an awesome twist at the end that makes you want to pound your head against the wall. You can find the story here but I will give you my normal commentary.

Eighteen year old Adric White was seen by a Good Samaritan in the Family dollar (who the news is keeping nameless for good reasons) holding a store employee on his knees with a gun to the back of his head. The Good Samaritan drew his firearm and came to the aid of the store clerk ordering White to not move. White, who is not known for making great decisions, first for robbing the Original Oyster House at gun point and secondly for swinging his gun towards the Good Guy with the gun aimed already aimed at him. Good Guy shoots bad guy and clerk is saved, bad guy heads to hospital where he remains in police custody. All is right in the world right? Sure is, but remember there is a twist.

White’s family is a little upset. Not because they failed as parents or as a family unit put young Adric on the right path as a contributing member of society… but because Mr. Good Samaritan came to the aid of the store clerk. That’s right folks. The quote from Mr. White’s relative that really puts things into perspective is as follows,

“You should have just left the store and went wherever you had to go in your car or whatever.”

Don’t mind the gunman getting ready to execute a minimum wage Family Dollar employee. Move along, nothing to see here! Why is it that every low life who catches a case of lead poisoning from a law-abiding citizen or cop was on the mend according to their family? We always find out that Johnny The Crackhead was in the process of turning his life around right after he is loaded up into a coroner’s van because he broke into the wrong house. Just to sweeten the deal police are not pursuing charges on the Good Samaritan stating that he broke no laws. Just for reference in Ohio you can come to the aid of another if the victim could meet all three conditions of Ohio’s law for justifiable use of self-defense.

When I ran across this story I literally stopped reading and asked myself if this whole story was a huge joke. I want to lay this out there to all the families of people who pull on the facemask and hold guns to the back of victim’s heads don’t cry foul when your loved one gets what they deserve.

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Ohio 4-H Shooting Sports Foundation

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Everyone knows I am a Ohioan. But another thing about me you didn’t know is I was a 4-H shooting sports participant, so the Ohio 4-H Shooting Sports Foundation is near and dear to my heart. I was fortunate enough to take part and at a young age get a solid foundation of basic fundamentals and most important safety. You can find out more about what it is about on their website.

Midway USA hands out millions each year to promote hunting and shooting throughout the nation. Midway now has a foundation page where you can easily give towards Ohio’s 4-H Shooting programs. Every cent that is donated goes to helping kids learn these valuable skills and helps promote shooting sports in a good light. Let’s face it, any avenue to put shooting out there in a good light to children is a great in my opinion.

Head over to the Facebook page and give me like and join in on the conversation. If you were fortunate enough or had a child that participated in the 4-H shooting sports feel free to share your story.

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Slow posting

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I decided to take a little trip with the family this week since I haven’t had a day off since SHOT Show. Go like the Facebook  page and you can keep up with some pictures I have been posting up.

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I always like to find little known gems on the internets and bring them to my readers. Today I bring to you the First Person Defender series.  First  Person Defender takes regular “good guys” and puts them in an intense,  real life, self defense situation. Using Simunition guns and force on  force training, the Defender in each situation finds out what works and  what doesn’t. This YouTube video series put on by Gun Talk puts the viewer into various self-defense situations to see the different ways a scenario can play out. These are very well put together and thought out videos and the instructors that are assisting the role players do a great job.

Check them out and let me know what one you think is the best and most beneficial at opening your eyes to something you never thought about. Check out the Facebook page and share it with your friends.

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No. I’m sorry but no thanks. I stopped reasonable discussion, and compromise a long ago. With the recent snafu with Dick Metcalf and his odd anti-gun editorial in the latest issue of Guns and Ammo I thought putting my stance out there for everyone to digest would be a good idea. If you would like to read what Dick wrote click here.

As I started with I am not the reasonable type and I feel as gun owners we can’t fall into the trap of national dialogue and reasonable discussion. For some reason some gun owners feel the need to be reasonable and open towards the anti-gun side and want to come to the table and have that discussion or national dialogue we hear about so much from the mainstream media. Little do these gun owners know they are falling into a trap, the same trap Dick fell into. People like Dick feel that if they come to the table and show that gun owners are able to listen the people on the other side of that table are going to understand and be satisfied with just conversation. WRONG! Gun owners have been reasonable for far too long.

Every time we have a reasonable discussion the gun owners tend to be on the losing end of the outcome. They come to the table thinking “this will be the last time the Antis ask for anything. If we just give a little compromise everything will be ok.” We have given in little by little thinking this is the last peace offering we will have to make. Don’t believe me? Lets talk a little history.

  • 1791 the Second Amendment was Ratified. Twenty-seven beautiful words that guaranteed the right to keep and bear arms to every American.
  • 1934 The National Firearms Act was put into place due to the gangster culture brought about by prohibition. This law famously eliminated automatic weapons along with short barreled rifles, short barreled shotguns, and suppressors. Transfers of such weapons were subject to $200 fee and subject to the Treasury Departments approval.
  • 1938 The Federal Firearms Act was approved by Congress forcing anyone involved with selling firearms to obtain a Federal Firearms License from the Secretary of Commerce. This also required the new FFL’s to record the names and addresses of everyone they sold guns to.
  • 1968 The Gun Control Act was brought about after the assassination of JFK. FFL’s were required to keep even more detailed information along with forbidding sales of handguns across state lines. The major change came in the outlawing of purchasing rifles and shotguns through mail order. (Lee Harvey Oswald used a mail order rifle in the assignation of JFK)
  • 1972 The ATF was formed
  • 1986 The Law Enforcement Officer Protection Act stopped the manufacture and importation of “cop killer” bullets that could pierce body armor.
  • 1990 The Crime Control Act established what we now know today as “Gun Free Zones” in schools and the stopped the assembly of illegal semi-auto rifles and shotguns with legally imported parts.
  • 1994 the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention act placed a mandatory 5 day waiting period and background check on handguns until Nov. 1998 when the National Instant Criminal Background Check (NICS) went live. The law stated all new firearm sales are subject to a NICS background check.
  • 1994 The Violent Crime and Law Enforcement Act, commonly referred to as the “Assault Weapon Ban,” made the manufacture, possession, and importation of new semiautomatic assault  weapons and large-capacity ammunition feeding devices for  civilian use illegal.

How about that for compromise and reasonable? We go from “shall not be infringed” to illegal for civilians to possess. I bet there was a lot of gun owners that thought the same as Dick Metcalf on the other side of the table when each of those laws were penned.

How about a more recent example of a reasonable discussion? Anyone remember Colorado and the dialogue that happened there? That is what happens when we open the door for reasonableness. If you don’t remember how it went just picture a one sided conversation with a senate majority leader telling his senators to ignore their constituents. Colorado is what happens when we have national dialogues and compromise. All the laws above came from compromise!

See? I told you I’m unreasonable. I don’t compromise. When it comes to my rights there is no compromise. Every time we have reasonable compromise we see another crack or a chip fall off of the foundation of our Second Amendment. Don’t be fooled into thinking we need to be reasonable. If you start thinking that way, come back to this post and read the middle part to remind yourself we have already compromised enough.

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