What Does Condition White Look like?

Posted: October 23, 2013 in Uncategorized
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When I am teaching a class I like to make sure I cover the Cooper Color Codes. I have touched on them quite a few times because I feel it is the best way to avoid trouble before it happens. Lets face it, the best gun fight is one that you are never involved in. I always enjoy when I am going over mindset and how to stay aware by utilizing the codes and there is usually one person who just doesn’t get it. The person generally can’t see themselves ever in “condition white” while a spouse or friend sits beside them laughing and making fun of the doubtful’s false reality.

September 23 on a San Francisco commuter train a man managed to pull a gun out multiple times all while going unnoticed by everyone around him. Every commuter on the train was so wrapped up in their cell phones, tablets, or just completely oblivious to their surroundings to even notice when the gunman wiped his nose with the hand holding the gun.

This is a prime example of Conditions White. It is sad that the majority of Americans live their lives completely asleep and could fall prey to the exact same scenario. As concealed carry members we need to try to look one step ahead and understand that action is always faster than reaction. We don’t have the fortune to decide when, where, or how an attack will occur; that is up to the bad guy.

If this story doesn’t prove that people move throughout their day completely oblivious to their surroundings a fun little exercise I like to do when my wife drags me to an overly crowded place such as a mall is sit and people watch. You will quickly change your mind.

The moral of the story is don’t live in white. Detach yourself from your cell phone. If you need to check Facebook or see what the blog is up to at that moment find a safe place and don’t become so engulfed that you lose sense of what is going on around you. Always be trying to see things before they happen so you aren’t so far behind if the brown stuff does in fact start hitting the fan.

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