Tula Strikes Again

Posted: October 15, 2013 in Uncategorized
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If you remember at the beginning of the year I was at a VSM class and there was a little bit of a hiccup with some Tula ammo. If you missed it you can find the recap of the class and the pictures here and then you can read the outcome here. Now that your memory has been refreshed I wanted to share what happened to me a few weeks back.

It isn’t uncommon with my group of buddies to start any celebration out with a trip to the gun range. On this occasion we were there in the morning to kick off the beginning of a day filled with bachelor awesomeness. Any time I am at the range my guns are fair game and if you have the ammo and want to feed them you can play with them as long as you want. My buddy grabbed my short AR and a mag and headed up to the line. I heard one shot and then nothing? Hmmmm. I see him looking it over so I headed down to see what was up.

My latest build and the unsuspecting victim Black Snake

My latest build and the unsuspecting victim Black Snake

After firing the first round the gun seemed to double feed. I have had the gun for nearly a year now and have put quite a few rounds down the barrel since I finished the build last Thanksgiving. It has never given me any problems at all. The magazine is a brand new Pmag that I had stippled so I didn’t think it could have been the problem. Our buddy who is the resident gun guru was there also and when we started going over the rifle and realized there was a stuck case in the chamber.

My buddy knowing there would be a plethora of AR’s there to play with hit every place he could to grab as much extra ammo as he could find. He snatched up a box of Tula .223 from a Walmart in Columbus. The first round was the last one through my rifle for the day. The rim on the case apparently had a defect and gave way where the extractor grabbed.


Here you can see where the case sheared away


Another angle

As I said in the beginning we were at the range celebrating a bachelor party and this was just our first stop of many, and since I wasn’t going home for any length of time longer than to just grab a shower and unload the truck, my buddy Bob said he would take a my rifle home and see what he could do to get the case unstuck. He called me not long after we left and said two or three taps with a rod and it popped right out leading me to believe that it was a defect in the case and not my chamber being overly dirty.

After a long night of feasting upon delicious dead animals, drinking overly priced adult bottled beverages, and making donations towards higher education at a local single dancing mother’s charity, I headed over and picked my precious back up. Bob even had cleaned the upper for me just to be sure it wasn’t anything on the rifles end. (God bless Bob)

I guess in closing I wanted to say this is the fourth issue I have encountered with Tula this year alone. The same day this happened with my rifle, another buddy had a squib with a Tula 9mm round. I am not saying don’t use Tula. I have one friend who has shot so much Tula that he is starting to have a Russian accent and he hasn’t had any trouble other than a light charge here and there. I have had a squib load during a class with Tula when I was in Missouri last year and after that I started thinking twice about what I ran through my guns. Again, I am not telling you not to use Tula, but I wouldn’t make it my first choice….. it is more like my last resort.

  1. Scott says:

    Have any of your other steel cases had extractor marks? Maybe your stuck case is a symptom of a rifle that unlocks before the case has had time to contract and finally a weakened case rim caused a stoppage. I know you’re not asking but maybe a heavier buffer would help the overall problem if there is one.

    As always, thanks for the info and keep’em coming.

    • absolutebs says:

      Never had a problem with any other type of ammo steel or brass so I ruled timing issues out right away. Now you have me thinking and I might just buy a box of Tula to test this again. If my gun blows up this is all on you Scott.

  2. Scott says:

    If something goes wrong, send me all the parts and extra ammo for analysis. 🙂

  3. DP says:


    Just incase you don’t read Russian, that means Blasphemy! Scott im willing to fight over who gets to shoot the junk ammo.

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