Glock To Discontinue Some Models

Posted: September 4, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Glock announced last week that they will be ending the production of a few Gen 3 models and ALL Compensated versions of their line.

Gen3 20/21, 29/30

 ALL“C” Models will be discontinued

TheSF models will remain in production.

Wewill have access to produce the above models as needed for Agency sales.  Theywill NOT be available for IOP or Sub D sales.

Ifyou have any on order currently and would like to cancel them please let usknow.  This will go into effect January 2014

If you were in the market for any of the models mentioned I say you better get on the stick in finding one. As for me I am not really a fan of the compensated versions. Shooting indoors next to a 19c is pretty… um… noticeable to say the least.

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