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We didn’t have a class last weekend so we decided to hit up the range and get some practice in before the next class. It was raining a little when we got there so we decided to give the new concrete in the indoor range a test run until the weather cleared up. As we progressed from drill to drill we ended up on a mag change drill and we had a little equipment failure.

Earlier in the year when things were a little crazy and it was getting difficult to find those ammo and magazines some people had to make sacrifices and pick up what they could find. My buddy ran across a deal that had two KCI mags and a mag pouch.

Mags and pouch

Mags and pouch

So far he has never had any problems with them. All his mags functioned without any issues until one met the concrete after being dropped during the mag change. Mag goes one way, spring and follower go another, and the base plate manages to escape in yet a third direction.

It turns out that the baseplates on the KCI mags are a little weak.




Good news is the fix is easy and a sturdier Glock brand baseplate will fit. So if you have any KCI Glock mags just keep in mind that you might need to keep a few extra baseplates on hand to keep a mag in the game.

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Posted by Howard Schultz, Starbucks chairman, president and chief executive officer
Dear Fellow Americans,
Few topics in America generate a more polarized and emotional debate than guns. In recent months, Starbucks stores and our partners (employees) who work in our stores have been thrust unwillingly into the middle of this debate. That’s why I am writing today with a respectful request that customers no longer bring firearms into our stores or outdoor seating areas.
From the beginning, our vision at Starbucks has been to create a “third place” between home and work where people can come together to enjoy the peace and pleasure of coffee and community. Our values have always centered on building community rather than dividing people, and our stores exist to give every customer a safe and comfortable respite from the concerns of daily life.
We appreciate that there is a highly sensitive balance of rights and responsibilities surrounding America’s gun laws, and we recognize the deep passion for and against the “open carry” laws adopted by many states. (In the United States, “open carry” is the term used for openly carrying a firearm in public.) For years we have listened carefully to input from our customers, partners, community leaders and voices on both sides of this complicated, highly charged issue.
Our company’s longstanding approach to “open carry” has been to follow local laws: we permit it in states where allowed and we prohibit it in states where these laws don’t exist. We have chosen this approach because we believe our store partners should not be put in the uncomfortable position of requiring customers to disarm or leave our stores. We believe that gun policy should be addressed by government and law enforcement—not by Starbucks and our store partners.
Recently, however, we’ve seen the “open carry” debate become increasingly uncivil and, in some cases, even threatening. Pro-gun activists have used our stores as a political stage for media events misleadingly called “Starbucks Appreciation Days” that disingenuously portray Starbucks as a champion of “open carry.” To be clear: we do not want these events in our stores. Some anti-gun activists have also played a role in ratcheting up the rhetoric and friction, including soliciting and confronting our customers and partners.
For these reasons, today we are respectfully requesting that customers no longer bring firearms into our stores or outdoor seating areas—even in states where “open carry” is permitted—unless they are authorized law enforcement personnel.
I would like to clarify two points. First, this is a request and not an outright ban. Why? Because we want to give responsible gun owners the chance to respect our request—and also because enforcing a ban would potentially require our partners to confront armed customers, and that is not a role I am comfortable asking Starbucks partners to take on. Second, we know we cannot satisfy everyone. For those who oppose “open carry,” we believe the legislative and policy-making process is the proper arena for this debate, not our stores. For those who champion “open carry,” please respect that Starbucks stores are places where everyone should feel relaxed and comfortable. The presence of a weapon in our stores is unsettling and upsetting for many of our customers.
I am proud of our country and our heritage of civil discourse and debate. It is in this spirit that we make today’s request. Whatever your view, I encourage you to be responsible and respectful of each other as citizens and neighbors.
Howard Schultz

I wont lie, I am a coffee drinker. What I am not is a $6 coffee drinker. My sleepy little hometown doesn’t have a Starbucks so I have to drive about an hour to get to the closest one and I would much rather prefer to push the brew button on my Keurig than make the drive. I will enjoy a cup of Starbucks on special occasions but it is rare.

Yesterday Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz came out and made the announcement that starting today Starbucks is respectfully requesting that guns be kept out of Starbucks. Here is the video of his request:

Sure I am a little pissed by this choice but to be honest I have seen this coming for awhile now. About a week ago I was shopping around for a place to do some work for Valkyrie Defense Group I wanted to keep the money local so I called one place and had a appointment made to come in and talk over what I needed. When I pulled up to the business I noticed the “No Gun” sign and walked in told them I had new plans and I was sorry that they didn’t include them anymore. I went down the street to the next place with no sign and thanked them for respecting my rights to carry a firearm.

Back to Starbucks, am I surprised they made this decision? Nope. Starbucks has found themselves in the middle of two extremes for quite some time now . You have Moms Demand Action on the extreme of one side while on the other side you have open carry demonstrators who frequently plan rallies. Starbucks is the unwilling participant of a turf war and is understandably getting tired of it.

Moms Demand Action quickly took credit for Starbucks’ announcement but I don’t think they can take all the credit. I think some credit or blame goes out to all the open carry demonstrators who went as far as to open carrying not just pistols, but rifles and shotguns also. We know all too well how far some of the anti-gun side can take things way to far by exploiting the tragedies of a shooting and using them to fuel their side of the argument. I feel that some on our side went a little too far and this in-your-face open carry “support” is what prompted Starbucks to take their new stance. Some on our side took Starbucks’ response that they would abide by the local and state laws regarding firearms as a pro-gun statement when they were just saying “Hey we are here to just sell overpriced coffee.”

Some people went pretty far to “educate the lefties” of our rights. Take these three guys for instance, after they showed up with rifles to demonstrate their rights they were charged with disorderly conduct.

I am not completely against open carry. I believe there is a time and place for anything. When I teach I generally open carry. When I am headed to the range I carry openly. Open carry can be done right and wrong. When I open carry I have been mistaken for a police officer quite a few times. I have never once been mistaken for a meth dealer or a crack addict and I think that is where some people go wrong. As a gun community we need to police our own a little better to prevent another situation like this happening again. We win together, we lose together.

Open carry done wrong

Rob Pincus did a video covering the subject of appropriate open carry over on the Personal Defense Network in May and I think it is pretty relevant under these circumstances.

I honestly think they should have worded yesterday’s statement differently. Instead of asking guns to be left out of the Starbucks experience they should have asked to both sides to leave coffee out of the politics. Today we will see how far they are going to go with their request. If they put the signs on the door they are in fact taking a stance. If their stores remain unposted then they are still Switzerland.

Again I don’t think we can be mad. Everyone should have seen it coming…. sadly, I did. We need to learn and move on. Some blogs are thinking that there will be no signs going up and Starbucks will stop at the respectful request. Only time will tell. Be sure to look the blog up on Facebook and be sure to share the link onto your social media sites. We need to get the word out and show the in-your-face side of our team there are consequences to their actions that effect all of us.

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I woke up this morning to the news of the D.C. Naval Facility coming under fire by a gunman killing 13 as of Monday evening. As usual, the reports from all the different news networks were all over the place. And it wasn’t long before the anti-gunners started chanting the disarmament tunes. As expected Peirs Morgan lit up Twitter with his wonderful suggestions

I’m absolutely sick of these endless bloody mass shootings in America. You promised action after Sandy Hook @BarackObama – where is it?

and was quickly challenged by some rational thinking from Katie Pavlich

Please state what new gun regulation would have prevented today, considering DC & the Naval yard are gun free zones @piersmorgan

I made this point on Monday morning. Not only was another “gun free zone” targeted but it was also located inside an entire gun free city!

How did military instillations become victim zones anyway? Well, we have Bill Clinton to thank for that, and in the last few years it seems to be the gift that keeps on giving. I saw an editorial today that was from The Washington Times dated November 11, 2009 and felt it was pretty relative to the events that happened this morning. Let me know what you think.

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The Washington Naval Yard came under attack around 8:20 this morning. Reports vary from 1-2 gunmen along with mixed reports of the number of victims. As usual the mainstream is still trying to sort out the information coming in but one thing remains true, Washington D.C. is among the most strict areas in regards to gun laws. Also military instillations are guaranteed No Carry Zones as we found out during the Fort Hood shooting.

Chicago Sun-Times article

CNN article

As the news gets sorted out I will try to keep you updated on the Facebook page so make sure you head over and like the page to keep up to date.

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12 Years Ago

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Twelve years ago today I was standing at our local fairgrounds teaching a group of 6th graders at a farm safety rally. After a presentation I over heard some of the Columbus COSI employees talking about an accident in New York where a plane had clipped one of the world trade towers. By the time I was finished I headed back to our office and found everyone huddled around the lone tiny television in our break room. It was there where the magnitude of the events that took place that day really hit me. Seeing the news coverage, hearing the interviews, and standing there in awe as they replayed over and over the impact of the plane into the tower I felt like the world just getting smaller around me. Twelve years ago I was younger and not as informed as I am today. I remember thinking to myself, “this can’t be on purpose, it has to be just an accident. Why would anyone do this?”

For many people this was the beginning of an awakening. A glimpse of what truly evil men are capable of only before seen by soldiers on a battle field. America had never seen destruction and devastation on its mainland before. Sure there were some home grown terror attacks like the ones in Oklahoma but nothing to this magnitude, nothing that shook this country to its core like this did. America couldn’t turn away. In the weeks following Americans had what to me seemed like a mini reset. Churches saw an increase in attendance, ratings for shows like “I Love Lucy” jumped up, and parents hugged their kids a little tighter. America started to revert back to Mayberry but like all things in America, it was quickly forgotten. Today Facebook is plastered with remembrance memes and companies pushing September 11th coupon codes for 11% off purchases but this is only for one day then America seems to forget again. There is a very stark difference in the world in regards to pre-9/11 to post-9/11 and most people have forgotten what it was like 12 years ago.

For me the terrorist attack of September 11th, 2001 proved that I was living in a bubble. I saw the world through the rosy lens of an American assuming safety and security as always in my homeland was the norm. It was that moment when I saw the evil that men can muster that I changed. I realized that personal safety and security was just that, personal. It was that awakening moment where I realized I needed to pull my head out of the sand. Here I sit today waiting for my son to be born with audience members in over 63 countries, having touched well over ten thousand people in some form or another with posts focused on politics and self-defense all in less than 9 months. I am so thankful to have all the people that take the time to stop in to read everyday and go on to share with their friends and family.

I do this in an attempt to give others that wake up that I had 12 years ago. I want every person I can reach to know that it is not up to the American government to protect us and keep us safe. It is our duty to protect America and keep America safe. Take today to remember those affected by the attacks twelve years ago today and think about how the world was pre-9/11.

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I caught some flack over Monday’s post and my observation of how and why the student was able to pull the trigger on the officer’s Glock 34. It was my understanding from all the versions of the story that I read prior to writing the previous article that the officer wasn’t using the proper holster and that seemed to be the understanding of most other bloggers out there. It turns out that according to the report from the deparment the officer was using a holster similar to the Safariland 6034. On further discussion with some friends it turns out Safariland is pretty known for the over sized tops in holsters made for lights and lasers to make for easier reholstering. With this comes a problem and Safariland made mention of it back in 2005.

Advisory for Handguns with Lights and/or Lasers Attached October 21, 2005  Safariland® has been manufacturing holsters for handguns with lights mounted to them for over 10 years. The need for this application with the Law Enforcement, SWAT and military communities has grown into a requirement to include lasers as well as lights for duty applications.   At Safariland, we design all of our holsters to meet the rigorous standards we have set for function, reliability, security, ease of re-holstering along with the ability to obtain a shooting grip before the draw.   The design of a duty or tactical holster demands the existence of an opening large enough to allow the  holstering of a given weapon, as well as any other equipment affixed to it. This can include custom grips, extended safeties, sights, de-cock levers, extended magazine releases, lights, lasers, etc.   Ultimately, the design for the opening of the holster is required to be slightly larger than the pistol accessory or light attached to it. Currently, there are many light/pistol/holster combinations on the market. The holster design is driven by the dimensions of the handgun and attached light and/or laser.   In the same manner that an agency would test, evaluate and approve a duty holster for retention capabilities,  Law Enforcement agencies have the responsibility to evaluate and approve  any modification to their duty handgun (including the addition of a  light or laser), to ensure  the weapon and holster are still operable in a safe manner that meets their requirements. Please be aware that handguns with lights mounted to them create a necessarily large opening in the holster that could possibly allow access to the  trigger of the holstered handgun.   For further information regarding “How to Evaluate a Holster” along with “Levels of Retention”, please review our training video TV-1027 (TV-1037 in PAL format). Customer Service would be happy to ship one to you at no charge.   Thank you for your interest in Safariland holsters

So if the SWAT officer indeed had the proper holster designed for his gun and light combo it is possible for a finger to get inside to the trigger with a good bit of effort. Is this a design flaw? Is the ease of reholstering that important that the mouth of the holster needs to be so wide as to leave that much room for error? I had a great discussion with George Hill, owner/writer of the Mad Ogre blog. George also works for G-Code holster and has had experience with both the Safariland type holsters along with the G-Code SOC (which is going to be the next upgrade to my War Belt *hint George*). From his experience George feels there isn’t enough of a gap to make this possible for a child either unless they have freakishly long fingers. We will wait to place judgment on the child’s fingers after the parents bring the kid forward since they are still trying to locate the kid who discharged the gun. While talking with George he did pose a different take that put another great spin on the story also. SWAT gear isn’t designed to be mingled in with crowds, that is what duty gear is for. I am really hoping that George does a post on the Mad Ogre regarding this subject to dive further into his thoughts on the subject. The Lodi incident goes deeper than just the type of holster if you think about it. How did a student walk up to an officer and manage to pull the trigger on a “holstered” gun without the officer noticing? Situational awareness was extremely lacking in this scenario and no matter how we slice this it all could have been avoided by just a little bit of awareness. I guess this shooting was brought to you by the color White….. The purpose of Monday’s post was to point out the falsehood of officers being trained better and ulitmately more qualified to handle firearms than the average concealed carrying citizen but I ended up opening myself up for some ridicule in my questioning if the holster was even designed for a gun with light attachment, and that is fine. But I do want to reiterate again if you are just a normal citizen who has met all the requirements to lawfully carry a concealed firearm the anti-gunners are still trying to point out that your training is less than sufficient while they try to hold law enforcement up as the ultimate benchmark. You decide for yourself after reading those three recent events in the news and tell me if a badge makes you more qualified or not. Just as I have always said we need to be the responsible gun owners and seek out training. Shooting is a diminishing skill and only practicing and training can keep you sharp. Be sure to head over to the Facebook page and click like I would really appreciate it. Thanks for reading and as usual…. Subscribe and share often, BS

There has been another recall from the firearms industry making it the 3rd in the last 3 weeks. This time it is Caracal asking for a total recall of all their Model C pistols.

Back in February Caracal issued a press release stating that an incident occurred where a C Model broke during firing and injured the shooter but they were conducting an investigation. One month later in March Caracal released this onto their website,

Caracal Model C Pistol Recall Notice

March 28, 2013 1:36:58 PM : Update to February 27, 2013 Caracal C Pistol Recall

Caracal International LLC instituted a recall of Caracal Model C pistols on February 27, 2013 pending an investigation, because the safety of its consumers is paramount to Caracal.

Caracal has completed its investigation and determined that this recall only applies to a limited number of slides of Model C pistols that had been improperly heat treated.

We are firmly committed to safety and would like to exchange all affected Model C pistols with new ones.

How to determine if your Model C pistol needs to be exchanged:

Remove the slide from the pistol, following the steps given in the user manual for your pistol.  On the inside bottom of the slide you will find an engraved batch number starting with SC, as shown in the photograph below.

Only slides with batch numbers from SC188– to SC222– are covered by this recall and have to be exchanged.

If you own or have access to a Caracal Model C pistol covered by this recall, PLEASE DO NOT LOAD OR FIRE YOUR PISTOL.  Contact customer care to arrange to have your Model C pistol shipped to Caracal.  We will replace your pistol and return a new one to you free of charge as quickly as possible.

If you sold or transferred your Caracal Model C pistol, please contact customer care and provide us with the name and contact information for the person to whom you sold or transferred it, so that we can notify them of this recall.

How to arrange to have your Model C pistol exchanged:

Step 1 – Contact us and provide your name, address, telephone number, the serial number of your Model C pistol, and the batch number on the slide.

For Customers in the United States:        Contact us at 205-655-7050 or
For Customers in Europe:        Contact us at +49 (0) 3681 854 257 or
For Customers in other countries:        Contact us at +971(02) 4927111 or

Step 2 – We will send you a pre-paid shipping label and package with instructions so you can return your Model C pistol to us FREE of charge.

Step 3 – We will ship you a new Caracal Model C pistol, FREE of charge.  When we do, we will also send you a FREE magazine to thank you for your patience and cooperation.  Again, we will make every effort to return your new Model C pistol as soon as possible.

Thank you, Caracal International LLC

Fast forward to September 9th having fully completed the investigation Caracal has now recalled all C Models. This is the newest press release from their site,

Recall update – 9 Sep 2013

Caracal Model C Pistol Product Safety Warning and Recall Notice

Caracal International LLC previously instituted a recall of Caracal Model C pistols on March 28, 2013 for batch numbers from SC188- to SC222.

Caracal is now issuing this recall of all Model C pistols in all markets, following the completion of a full investigation. Caracal is initiating this voluntary recall of Model C pistols because the safety of its customers is paramount.

This recall affects all Model C pistols, including but not limited to those with serial numbers which start with the following letters: HM, AA, AD, AG, CA, CB, CC, CD, CE, CF, CG, CH, CI, CJ, CK, CL, CM, CN, CP, CR and CS.

If you own or have access to a Caracal Model C pistol, PLEASE DO NOT LOAD OR FIRE YOUR PISTOL. Please contact Caracal customer care immediately to arrange to have your Model C pistol returned. Caracal will provide you with a full refund of the purchase price of your Caracal Model C pistol or vouchers for other Caracal products. Unfortunately, the potential safety issues cannot be addressed through a repair of the Model C pistol and all Model C pistol’s must be returned for refund.

Step 1 – Please contact customer care in accordance with the below details and provide your name, address, telephone number and details of your purchase.

  • For USA Customers  Contact us at +205-655-7050 or
  • For International Customers Additional numbers will be published shortly; however please contact us on in the interim.
    If you have sold or transferred your Caracal Model C pistol to any other person, we ask you to please contact us in any event and provide us with the name and contact information for the person to whom you sold any Model C Pistol so that we may also notify that person of this recall.

Step 2 Customer care will contact you to arrange for a refund in accordance with the above.

We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause and thank you for your patience and cooperation.

It really is a shame, I have shot a C Model and really enjoyed it. The gun was very well balanced and felt great in my hand so I am sad to see them take these away. But don’t count Caracal out yet. In the midst of this huge recall they have announced a complete overhaul to their pistol line. They have just introduced the CP660, CP661, and the CP662 to replace the former line of pistols. Guns, Holsters, and Gear did a great write-up on the new pistols and it can be found here. Hopefully they have better luck with this line and can put this snafu behind them.

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