Why There Is a Need For Better Instructors

Posted: August 14, 2013 in Uncategorized

If you remember a few weeks back when I announced Valkyrie Defense Group for the first time I said my partner and I saw a need for better instructors out there. Well here I am again with a prime example.

A firearms instructor in Lancaster Ohio shot one of his 29 students while demonstrating how a .38 revolver can shoot through a purse. I don’t want to come down too hard on this guy because I’m sure he is already having a bad week, but the first rule of the gun safety class we as instructors teach is “ALL GUNS ARE ALWAYS LOADED.” And to further the safety aspect of that the NRA has a zero ammunition in the class room policy. Obviously both rules were blatantly violated and now we have a great example as to why we have these rules.

I want to be extra clear when I say that Valkyrie Defense Group goes above and beyond when it comes to safety in the classroom and out on the range. We take the safety rules and go a step further with them. When we are demonstrating different types of ammunition we use dummy rounds that I have deprimed and removed the powder myself or snap caps. We check every gun that each instructor brings to the class for visual aide twice when it enters the classroom. When any gun is used for demonstration purposes it is inspected again. When it comes time for students to bring their firearms into the classroom they are checked at the door to ensure that every gun is unloaded and again by the other instructor when they take their seat. “NO LIVE AMMO IN THE CLASSROOM” to us isn’t a suggestion. Our strict standards of safety don’t stop there either. Each instructor when in the classroom carries an inert pistol such as the standard blue gun or a SIRT Training pistol from Next Level Training to give everyone another added level of safety when demonstrating. (You can find the review I did on my SIRT Pistol here.)

The gun community has enough to worry about every time some sick depraved asshole decides to make his bones and go out in a sick twisted blaze of self glory. We do not need the people who are supposed to be the figure heads for safe gun handling skills shooting the students they are teaching. So if you are an NRA instructor or any other type of firearms coach, please, for the love of God practice what we preach.

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  1. I wouldn’t be surprised if the instructor gets his NRA certifications pulled by the NRA training department, especially if this was sold and branded as an official NRA course.

    • absolutebs says:

      I would bet you are right. The Ohio concealed handgun class is based around the NRA Basic Pistol class. Also disregarding NRA saftey rules exempts you from insurance liability coverage if I understand that correctly also.

      • Jagr says:

        I truly believe a basic pistol course is no place to teach shooting out of pants or purses.

        Am I wrong here???

      • absolutebs says:

        No. To me a basic pistol course sets up students to learn the core fundamentals of shooting, maintaining, and owning a pistol. As responsible gun owners or concealed carry holders we should be seeking out more information and classes to build on the foundation that the basic class give us. I have a huge problem with the person that takes one class and feels like they know everything they need to know about defending themselves with a firearm in self-defense situation.

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