Suunto Core Update

Posted: August 13, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Most of you that have been following Absolute BS since the beginning know one of my first reviews was of my Suunto Core all black watch. Well I wanted to post up an update and let everyone know a little more about it.

I have been wearing it for well over a year now and still have zero scratches on the mineral crystal face so that is saying something for the great quality and scratch resistance of this watch.

I unwillingly went swimming awhile back while still wearing it. I was tossed into a pool then proceeded to attempt to drown the culprit while wearing it before I knew I was still wearing it. It withstood all that. Suunto keeps its water resistance pretty vague. Some places will tell you 30 meters but I have also seen Suunto reps not recommending wearing the watch for surfing. I am finding other people say that if you don’t exceed a certain pressure you are fine also. Wearing it in a pool like I did gave me more confidence in not ruining a really expensive timepiece if I forgot to take it off again.

The major update I wanted to bring to you was I finally had to change my battery. The Low Battery emblem appeared for just a short time and it beeped an unusual sound and I noticed it. The one thing I didn’t like was the indicator disappeared and didn’t stay on. My only question is if I wasn’t wearing it and the indicator went off how would I have known? I waited to change the battery to see how long it would go under normal use until it finally just stopped completely. It seemed to last roughly 2 weeks after it let me know it was down to 10%. When it finally reached the end of the battery’s life the screen was not as clear and when I would push the backlight button it would actually shut off and restart the whole watch. I would say that is a pretty good indication that it needs some attention.

The battery lasted just over a year of normal everyday use which is almost exactly what Suunto says it will be. The battery change is really easy. You can go to any big box store and find a CR2030 battery. One thing I found useful was that the oversized notch located on the back of the watch is a perfect fit to use the new battery to turn out the battery door. I tried a quarter and a nickel but it seemed the new battery was more matched to the size of the slot than either.

I will recommend after turning the back off, you should clean out the area where the threads are with a q-tip or your finger just so the o-ring seals into place more securely. I am still super excited I don’t have to send the watch back every year to get the battery swapped and the watch re-pressurized.

This is really all I have on the updates as of now. If you want to see some pictures of it in action head over to Facebook and click like on the Absolute BS page or on the Valkyrie Defense Group page. There are plenty of pictures of me sporting my Core.

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