The Twisted Mind of an Anti-Gunner’s Friend

Posted: August 9, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Shawn Corey Carter has become quite the outspoken political commentator lately making appearances at the lavish dinner parties hosted at the White House and has attended rallies held for Trayvon Martin. Most people reading this right now are thinking “who is this guy?” and that is understandable. Shawn is better known as the famous rapper and hypocrite, Jay Z.

Jay Z has been bff’s with our commander and chief for quite awhile now dating back to Barry’s first run at the White House back in 2008. Any time Barrack Hussein Obama takes a stance his bromance isn’t far behind to quickly agree. Obama’s stance on same-sex marriage, for example, was quickly followed by Jay’s approval. 

Recently the HOV did an interview with a hip-hop journalist. He stated that he “didn’t sleep for two days…” after the verdict was handed down sending George Zimmerman free. He went on to give us an amazing insight on how Stand Your Ground Laws work.

 “You can have a fight with someone and they’re running way [sic], you can shoot them and kill them and you’re fine? What?! Come on. Come on, man.”

Hmm, weird. Last time I checked that isn’t at all how stand your ground laws work but maybe J doesn’t know that?  It seems that Shawn has a bit of a checkered past when it comes to violence and maybe this is why his view on the stand your ground laws are a little fuzzy?

Now comes the fun part of today’s article. Let’s touch on the hypocritical aspect of our President’s buddy. Besides starting to deal crack at a very young age, at the age of 12 he shot his brother for stealing a piece of his jewelry. Weird. He was never prosecuted and his brother never pressed charges. This might be what is blurring the meaning of stand your ground laws for Mr. Carter.

In a message taped for Jay Z’s Made in America festival the POTUS said,

 “To me, the idea of America is that no matter who you are, what you look like or where you come from, you can make it if you try. Jay-Z did it. He didn’t come from power or privilege. He got ahead because he worked hard, learned from his mistakes and just plain refused to quit. That’s what ‘made in America’ means.”

Made in America? Shooting your brother at the age of 12 is working hard? Maybe he at least learned from his mistakes like his bro said? Wrong. In December of 1999 Jay was picked up by police in New York for stabbing a record executive in the stomach with a 5″ blade. He first pleaded not guilty but eventually, in 2000, he changed his plea to guilty receiving only 3 years probation. I guess I would be against stand your ground laws if I went around stabbing folks with knives too.

Surely it stops there? Not really. It actually stops after you have a an arrest at the age of 16 for possession of crack, followed by at least one arrests on gun charges.

Now I know I am coming down hard on our President’s buddy and I will be the first to admit we don’t really know of him shooting anyone other than his own brother. I say there is a lot you can tell about someone just by looking at the company they keep and I have to say that our great leader isn’t setting the bar very high. It seems if we look closely at the most anti-gun president in U.S. history’s friends it is pretty telling.

Pass this around the next time you see this dynamic duo pushing for some more reasonable gun laws, or partying it up in the White House on our dime to let people know exactly the level of hypocrisy.

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