Virginia: Proving Us Right

Posted: August 7, 2013 in Uncategorized
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In a stroke of mystery to our opposing anti-gun forces Virginia has seen gun owner ship rise by 16% in the year 2012 over the previous year. Amazingly the crime rate over the same period has dropped by 6%. Weird. Maybe that crazy Lott guy was on to something when he told us “states with the largest increases in gun ownership also have the largest drops in violent crimes.”

We have covered it before a few times (Moar Facts and The Justice Department Report You Will Never Hear About) and we always come back to find the facts are on our side.

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  2. Brittius says:

    For many years, I wore a badge in New York City. A lot of things happen on a daily basis, and the numbers of population over the five boroughs (counties) that comprise New York City, gun violence remains low.., except in some areas.., by some people. Absolutely nothing ever gets said about correcting the animal behavior of the ghettoites. Welfare as a generational legacy. They bring the guns into the city. They sell the guns. They sell the drugs, and have the highest numbers of prostitution arrests. They receive welfare and have second tax-free off-the-book jobs. They engage in narcotics sales and use. Their women engage in prostitution as tax-free enterprise, all while collecting tax-free welfare, and living in tax-free public housing. Free electric. Free water. Free heat in the winter. How do they reward the taxpayers? By selling guns unlawfully. BY engaging in criminal conduct that only an animal would engage in. The illegitimate birth rate in the ghettos is at 70%. Free revolving door policies for abortion clinics, and methadone clinics. But they have one thing the politicians want. The vote. Huge numbers of animals will vote to let the good times roll. Nothing is said or done to correct their behavior and behavioral correction begins with the high chair, and not with the electric chair. It’s too late by then. Demolish the housing projects. Make hard labor, a requirement for obtaining a welfare check. The roads need repair. Local jails and prisons are teeming with ghettoites. Bring back Hard Labor, and no parole. You will see, as many years ago, anyone having gone through hard labor, will not want any part of crime, once they serve their complete sentence. Correct the animal behavior, it is the root cause of gun violence in America. A firearm is inert. Put it in the correct hands, and it is a magnificent tool. Place that firearm into the wrong hands, and you will have nothing but misery from the misdeeds of animals.

    My apologies if I insulted anyone or presented a view that is not popular.

    The two Greatest Presidents: Ronald Reagan, and Charleton Heston.

  3. Brittius says:

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