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S&W Shield Recall

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Just a heads up if you haven’t heard from everyone on Facebook yet. Smith & Wesson has announced a recall on the M&P Shields that were manufactured before August 19th 2013. You can find all the details here. I checked the wife’s and it is good to go and that seems to be the same response from everyone that I know who also owns one. It seems to be a few and far between issue but it is better for S&W to be safe than sorry. Hats off to them for pointing it out quickly and getting it taken care of before it became a major issue.

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I don’t like to pile it higher on someone when they are already swimming at the local waste treatment plant as it is, but I think we need to talk about the difference between “accidental” and “negligence.”

If you remember at the beginning of the week I had a little article in regards to the instructor in Lancaster Ohio who shot one of his students. Well It turns out this isn’t his first rodeo at putting holes in someone that didn’t need new holes applied. In 1977 instructor Dunlap was then Officer Dunlap and was assisting with a Halloween hayride. Instead of the typical mask and some fake blood, Officer Dunlap decided that his .38 revolver (again seriously?) was a better prop and shot what he assumed to be blanks into the air. Unfortunately, once again those pesky live rounds found their way into the gun and a struck  Cathy Hessler who was 14 years old at the time.

We need to take a few things away from this. First, Mr. Dunlap needs to hang up the revolvers. And secondly the difference between a Negligent Discharge vs. an Accidental Discharge are vast. My view is that an Accidental Discharge is a mechanical malfunction of the firearm that caused the firearm to discharge. A Negligent Discharge is what we are seeing both times with Mr. Dunlap. It was shooter error that was to blame in both of his “oops” moments. Sadly, this is actually the cause of most all unwanted firearm discharges when you get down to it.

I still can’t wrap my head around pulling the trigger of a gun at a class full of students even if I knew it was unloaded or not, I’m sorry, but I just can’t. The definition of negligent is “habitually careless: habitually careless or irresponsible” and to me it describes the situation down in Lancaster pretty well in both cases. We need to keep the rules for safe gun handling in mind at all times so we can minimize these sorts of things from happening and make sure we don’t get anymore bad press.

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Gabby Giffords and her space cadet husband have been found to be accepting illegal funds into their Political Action Committee. Apparently they need to make a refund, kind of like when Mark bought an AR-15 just to get it off the street.  I am just happy to see the IRS trying to balance out the field by checking in on a Democratic organization, I guess the media shit storm they were getting pounded by awhile back made them decide to save a little face.

This isn’t crazy damaging news. It is just your average bit of elitist thinking the rules don’t apply to them as normal. Move along, nothing to see here.

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Where is The Outrage?

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In Oklahoma an Australian baseball player was gunned down in cold blood by a group of 3 teenagers. One of the teens admitted that they acted because they were bored and wanted to make a name for themselves.

Where is the outrage? Where are the rallies? Why hasn’t the President come out to let everyone know that if he had a white son he would have looked like the victim? These are questions that need asked. Oprah?

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If you remember a few weeks back when I announced Valkyrie Defense Group for the first time I said my partner and I saw a need for better instructors out there. Well here I am again with a prime example.

A firearms instructor in Lancaster Ohio shot one of his 29 students while demonstrating how a .38 revolver can shoot through a purse. I don’t want to come down too hard on this guy because I’m sure he is already having a bad week, but the first rule of the gun safety class we as instructors teach is “ALL GUNS ARE ALWAYS LOADED.” And to further the safety aspect of that the NRA has a zero ammunition in the class room policy. Obviously both rules were blatantly violated and now we have a great example as to why we have these rules.

I want to be extra clear when I say that Valkyrie Defense Group goes above and beyond when it comes to safety in the classroom and out on the range. We take the safety rules and go a step further with them. When we are demonstrating different types of ammunition we use dummy rounds that I have deprimed and removed the powder myself or snap caps. We check every gun that each instructor brings to the class for visual aide twice when it enters the classroom. When any gun is used for demonstration purposes it is inspected again. When it comes time for students to bring their firearms into the classroom they are checked at the door to ensure that every gun is unloaded and again by the other instructor when they take their seat. “NO LIVE AMMO IN THE CLASSROOM” to us isn’t a suggestion. Our strict standards of safety don’t stop there either. Each instructor when in the classroom carries an inert pistol such as the standard blue gun or a SIRT Training pistol from Next Level Training to give everyone another added level of safety when demonstrating. (You can find the review I did on my SIRT Pistol here.)

The gun community has enough to worry about every time some sick depraved asshole decides to make his bones and go out in a sick twisted blaze of self glory. We do not need the people who are supposed to be the figure heads for safe gun handling skills shooting the students they are teaching. So if you are an NRA instructor or any other type of firearms coach, please, for the love of God practice what we preach.

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Most of you that have been following Absolute BS since the beginning know one of my first reviews was of my Suunto Core all black watch. Well I wanted to post up an update and let everyone know a little more about it.

I have been wearing it for well over a year now and still have zero scratches on the mineral crystal face so that is saying something for the great quality and scratch resistance of this watch.

I unwillingly went swimming awhile back while still wearing it. I was tossed into a pool then proceeded to attempt to drown the culprit while wearing it before I knew I was still wearing it. It withstood all that. Suunto keeps its water resistance pretty vague. Some places will tell you 30 meters but I have also seen Suunto reps not recommending wearing the watch for surfing. I am finding other people say that if you don’t exceed a certain pressure you are fine also. Wearing it in a pool like I did gave me more confidence in not ruining a really expensive timepiece if I forgot to take it off again.

The major update I wanted to bring to you was I finally had to change my battery. The Low Battery emblem appeared for just a short time and it beeped an unusual sound and I noticed it. The one thing I didn’t like was the indicator disappeared and didn’t stay on. My only question is if I wasn’t wearing it and the indicator went off how would I have known? I waited to change the battery to see how long it would go under normal use until it finally just stopped completely. It seemed to last roughly 2 weeks after it let me know it was down to 10%. When it finally reached the end of the battery’s life the screen was not as clear and when I would push the backlight button it would actually shut off and restart the whole watch. I would say that is a pretty good indication that it needs some attention.

The battery lasted just over a year of normal everyday use which is almost exactly what Suunto says it will be. The battery change is really easy. You can go to any big box store and find a CR2030 battery. One thing I found useful was that the oversized notch located on the back of the watch is a perfect fit to use the new battery to turn out the battery door. I tried a quarter and a nickel but it seemed the new battery was more matched to the size of the slot than either.

I will recommend after turning the back off, you should clean out the area where the threads are with a q-tip or your finger just so the o-ring seals into place more securely. I am still super excited I don’t have to send the watch back every year to get the battery swapped and the watch re-pressurized.

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I have one heck of a rant today. I started writing this on Friday but had to stop and scrap it because I was starting to get out of hand. If you haven’t heard there is a painting in the Florida State Capitol Building being displayed titled by the artist “We are all Trayvon Martin.”

To quote the news article…

The mural shows a man who looks similar to George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watch leader who shot and killed Martin in February 2012 and was later acquitted in the teen’s death, shooting a person wearing a hoodie.  There’s a mirror in the mural where Martin’s face would be so visitors can see themselves as the teen.

I’m sorry did I miss something? Maybe I didn’t pay close enough attention to the trial to catch where George Zimmerman shot Trayvon in the back. Oh it didn’t happen? Well shit that’s weird!

Quick someone paint me a picture of a “White-Hispanic” man pinned to the ground on his back and getting his head pounded off the concrete. I already have a couple titles ready for it if you paint it for me, “We are George,” “Felonious Assault,” “Facts,” and my favorite “Shit That Really Happened.”

The thing that chaps my ass the most is it is being displayed in a government building. I can accept that this would be displayed in some hipster liberal art gallery that’s filled with dudes in scarves and skinny jeans drinking 15 dollar lattes discussing how far their French Liberal Arts degrees have taken them in life, but a public building has me befuddled,

If this is acceptable for a government building what possibly could be off-limits? Oh, that’s right the Ten Commandments. You heard right! A blatant attempt at misrepresenting facts is acceptable, but a religious symbol of ethics and morals must go. Is this real life?

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