Piers Morgan and Buckeye Firearms Association

Posted: July 31, 2013 in Uncategorized
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I think I have touched on it once before about my ultimate detest for Piers Morgan. He recently had a legal counselor come onto his show to grill him over the fact that the organization raised $12,000 dollars for George Zimmerman to assist with purchasing another firearm along with acquiring ammunition and training. I usually enjoy watching Piers taking a pounding from all pro-gun advocates so I decided to sit down and watch. Unfortunately, Mr. Hanson didn’t knock it out of the park but still stood his ground very well. Piers loves to use dramatic words and hypotheticals to get an emotional response out of his guests and Ken was unaffected and stuck to his obvious well thought out argument. Here is the clip from the show…..

More news about the Buckeye Firearms Association came out this week when their website was hacked in an obvious retaliation for raising the money to help Mr. Zimmerman. The problem was quickly solved and none of the donor information was lost or stolen.

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  1. […] Buckeye Firearms Association has got quite the publicity lately with their donation to George Zimmerman and their assistance in the Colorado Recall Election. I think it is great that we have grassroots […]

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