It gives me great joy to finally bring to my readers what has gone on behind the scenes for so long now. Valkyrie Defense Group is now up and running. “What is this Valkyrie Defense Group?” is what I am sure you are asking yourself now. I want to take this post today to fill everyone in on what we are, what we intend to do, and why it has kept me from writing as much as I want.

Valkyrie Defense Group (VDG) was thought up by a very good friend and myself when talking about the lack of good training options in our area. We saw a need for that next step beyond the concealed handgun class. We see the Ohio Concealed Handgun License class as only a starting point, not an ending point, in Ohioan’s quest to becoming a properly trained concealed carry holder. All too often we were hearing horror stories from people claiming the Concealed Carry class was only 5 hours (when it is a mandatory 12) or that they were in a class with 30-50 and even heard staggering numbers over 100. We saw a need for proper quality training where people can go and get the attention that they need in a safe, knowledgeable environment. BAM!! Valkyrie Defense Group was born.

There are obviously many companies out there trying to cash in on the 1 million plus new gun owners, so what sets us apart from those companies? It is our mission to make sure every student leaves more knowledgeable and more skilled than when they showed up to whatever class it is they are taking from us. In order for us to do that we are not looking for classrooms full of 25-30 students. We are happier to have 6 exceptionally trained students leave our classroom than 60 uneducated, irresponsible ones. It is with that attitude we approach every class and strive to make sure all the needs of every student are met to their satisfaction and ours.

As I said, this company was a brainchild of a dear friend of mine and me and as of now we are the sole instructors. We are able to offer an extensive military background point of view along with the just as important civilian aspect and point of view. My partner and good friend Jason Groves is a NRA pistol Instructor, a Self-Defense Inside the Home instructor,  as well as a United States Marine. Jason was assigned as a Reconnaissance Scout for the 1st Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion. Jason also served in the Marine Security Forces and held multiple billets in a dedicated security and anti-/counter-terrorism unit. With his very extensive background, he brings a ton of experience and knowledge to VDG and I am proud to call him a true friend. Jason is a great teacher and has ways to explain and show different techniques, which is rare in most run-of-the-mill trainers and instructors today. Combine that with is excellent military service, he is a great asset to VDG.

Other than what you can get out of my about page there is not much more to add. I too am an NRA Pistol instructor and have taken roughly 50 hours of advance pistol training this year alone with more already scheduled before the year is up. It is my goal to draw as much of the knowledge that I can from the many outlets I study, along with the advanced classes I attend, and bring it to my students and readers. I come from a large family full of teachers and it seems to have rubbed off on me. I take the title of instructor very serious and hold it to a very high standard and I do my best to deliver the best advice and knowledge I can each class. With no prior military experience, I feel it is my duty to study harder, teach better, and shoot perfect every class or I feel I have let my students down.

Seeing that we are just getting started, and still on the ground level of our business plan for Valkyrie Defense, we are hoping to be adding some more instructors to the roster in the future. When we do, you can be certain that each person that bears the title of “VDG Instructor” will have the same dedication to delivering top-notch performance and knowledge in the classroom and on the range to our students.

The list of classes offered now are limited to pistol. We are ready and willing to teach Ohio Concealed Handgun classes now along with our own advanced pistol class we have titled VDG Pistol 1. (VDG Pistol 2 is in the works also) By next year, we will be looking to expand to rifle and shotgun, but for now we want to focus on perfecting the business and making sure that each person that chooses to take a class with us gets the most out of it.

We will be based out of central Ohio, but are always willing to travel. As I said earlier, we are not concerned with large number of students, if you have at least 6 people attending, we will hold a class. If you have a safe place to shoot and adequate space for a classroom setting, we will also be willing to come to you. If you are a substantial distance away, call us and we will work something out. We are tossing around the idea of holding a VDG Pistol 1 class in Missouri before the end of the year, but we will make that announcement after more plans have been hashed out.

In closing, I want to again say that we created Valkyrie Defense Group because we saw an apparent gap in what training many people are receiving for concealed carry and what we feel is necessary. Basic concealed carry classes give you the ability to carry a gun to defend your life,  and we want to make sure you have the knowledge and skills if that time ever comes. We plan on offering the best instructors and classes to prepare you for that life or death situation whether it lasts 3 seconds, 30 seconds or 3 minutes.

I encourage you to visit the Valkyrie Defense Group Facebook page and give us a like. The VDG website is currently under construction and we are working hard to get the lights on over there so you can get better class descriptions, more in depth bios on all the instructors, along with some photos of our recent classes. While you are clicking around, make sure you head over to the Absolute BS Facebook page and give me a like there also. I hope to see you on the range soon and in one of our classes. If there are any questions at all you can contact me with the contact tab at the top or on either of the afore mentioned Facebook pages. I look forward getting back into the flow of writing more now that a lot of the administrative stuff to get VDG off the ground is finishing up. Thanks for sticking around in my spurts of absence.

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