Zimmerman is a Horrible Human Being

Posted: July 23, 2013 in Uncategorized
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The reprehensible George Zimmerman finally came out of hiding today to look for another minority to gun down but his plans were thwarted by a rolled over SUV with a family of 4 trapped inside. So George does what any mainstream media super villain would do…. he saved them? Wait, wait, wait, so George Zimmerman might actually be a good guy? Yup. On the contrary to the way the mainstream has painted this guy he selflessly helped a family trapped after a vehicle rollover accident.

Obviously my first sentence is heavily saturated with sarcasm. I haven’t said much about the trial mainly because it was what everyone was talking about and I didn’t want to add to the ever going commentary on the matter. If you want some of the best coverage you can find on the subject you need to head over to Legal Insurrection. They have been my go-to for all the info surrounding the trial.

I do want to add that if anyone attending the pro-Trayvon marches and rallies think that the Black Panthers, Jessie, Al, Obama, or Holder (mainly all your typical racial pot stirrers) were hoping for a guilty verdict, you are bat shit crazy. These men are set to make piles and piles of money off the downtrodden and oppressed they claim to represent. Over 100 rallies are planned, speeches are being booked, and money is being donated to “the cause.” I just thought I needed to toss that in there in case someone who normally wouldn’t read my posts runs across this article because of my tongue-in-cheek title. Oh and btw you aren’t alone. You should be happy to know that Iran is on your side. Congrats!

We could cover how the Department of Justice had put a hold on all the evidence making it impossible for George to get his Keltec back.

Or how our president somehow thinks that a Harvard graduate and a crack smoking wannabe gangster are somehow similar 35 years ago.

Or maybe even touch on Holders speech to the NAACP about “Stand Your Ground Laws.”

Or touch on the multiple death threats a gun store owner has received for just mentioning that he would help Zimmerman out with getting a new gun.

But obviously those  are already over-done, so the only thing for me to do is just close this out and ask you that you head over to the Facebook page and give me a like. There are plenty of pictures and conversation to be had. Also, stand by for a pretty cool announcement coming in the next week or two. I hinted at it awhile ago but things were slowed down by forces outside my control which is another reason I have been absent more than I would like lately. Thanks for reading and stopping by. If you have an idea on an article you would like me to write or questions you can contact me at the Facebook page, there is also a contact tab at the top, or you can simply email me at Absolutebsblog@gmail.com. I would love to hear from you.

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