Lee Pistol Decapper

Posted: July 1, 2013 in Reviews, Uncategorized
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I received a Lee Precision Carbide 9mm 4 die set for Christmas last year to complement my new Dillon 550b. I had a little problem with it last week when I was loading some extra ammo for the START class. Up until then the dies have worked flawlessly as you would expect from a Lee product. The problem I met apparently is a common occurrence because Lee has now corrected the issue.

The decapper is made up of two separate parts, the rod, and the pin. The roller pin is seated inside the rod itself. The problem I ran into was and it seems a few others have run across is the pin getting stuck in the flash hole and being pulled back out of the rod. Leaving your die looking like this…


And leaving the pin in the casing looking like this…


I contacted Lee with their online warranty claim form and the next day had someone email me letting me know that it was taken care of and I had a new decapper on the way.

Apparently this is a common problem enough to force them to change the design from, a two piece as I described above, to a solid machined one piece. They seemed to have announced it in April of 2013 in their “Knowledgeables/FAQ” section.

Would I recommend this die set to anyone? Well it depends. Are they coming with a new decapper design or the old now? If you get a set with the old design can you return it right away for the new one? If there is no problem with returning it I don’t see why it should be a problem. Lee’s customer service was great they returned an email to me in less than 8 hours and no questions asked sent me a new rod free of charge. I feel it is a good die set for the money but they had poorly designed decapper where they are in the process of fixing. If they continue to replace them with out question I would say yes I recommend this set for the value and customer service from the manufacturer. If they start refusing to fix the flawed design or the customer service starts to fall off I will take back my recommendation and encourage people to choose a different brand.

Any thoughts or questions go ahead and send them to me with the contact form above or over on either Facebook or Shooters Legion.

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