Your Evolution of Training

Posted: June 10, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Today I wanted to start a three-part series on how you train and if your way is maximizing your time and ammo spent on the range. By the end of the series we will have covered the difference of shooting vs. training,  how to train, cover drills,  and how to track your progress to make sure you are getting better and all your effort is not wasted.

Let’s face it, most people go to the range and stand square to the target and proceed to punch holes in paper. Unfortunately for a lot of folks that is all their range will allow. There is no drawing, no moving, and sometimes even “double taps” are not allowed. In these instances you see guys pulling back in targets with little bitty holes all around the bullseye and they are happy. In their minds they are advanced shooters, even expert, and they feel that in a dynamic stress filled situation they are going to be able to deliver tight groups into a real threat the same as they do on the square range. I hate to break it to them but it doesn’t work like that. I was that guy once.

I bought my first Glock and when to the range and got into my perfect stance, aligned my sights just right, and made that perfect trigger squeeze until I couldn’t recognize the x and 9 rings on my target. I wasn’t a bad shot as long everything was just perfect. I thought that I was being a responsible gun carrying citizen by practicing with my firearm and becoming (what I perceived) efficient.

I took an Advance Carry class from Southwest Ohio Tactical Training and started shooting with Adam from NUoSU Concealment on a weekly basis and we started getting ideas of we should run a couple of drills that we saw on the internet. It was then I moved from just shooting towards training. The drills were pretty basic but we quickly realized that the pretty little one hole targets weren’t there at the end of the day. The hits were still in a group but adding drawing/firing or drawing/stepping of the x/firing we had to work harder to get better groups.

Eventually we started mastering the drills and out of curiosity the time element was factored in and around that time I attended an introductory class at the Black Ops School of Combat. After a hard look at real numbers and times the groups started again to open back up. We were pushing to make the fastest time of the group. I started to see what I had missed from before when I was just shooting and realized how much difference there was in shooting vs. training.

Over time I have learned that shooting is taking money and turning it into noise, whereas training is taking money and turning it into a skill or skill sets to be used at a later date. You just read about my road from just shooting to training, so now it is time to have a hard look at yourself and see if you are just shooting or are you training? Are you spending your money, time, and ammo effectively and efficiently to make yourself better? If in fact, you are training I applaud you. Keep up the great work but keep reading, hopefully we will cover some stuff that will help maximize your actions. If you are just shooting, I’m here to help. This the first part of  a 3-part series on how to move towards growing your skills and making yourself a better shooter. Stay tuned tomorrow where we dive a little deeper into this topic.

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