Senator Latenberger Passes At the Age of 89

Posted: June 4, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Staunch Anti-gun Senator Frank Latenberger passed away early Monday. His passing again turns eyes towards the gun control debate. Senator Latenberger was no friend to the gun community, he pushed and pushed again time after time for more restrictive gun laws at every angle. It is not my style to dance on the graves of people, we will leave that to the gun grabbers, so I will just talk facts about what his passing means to the gun control debate.

There are rumors that the Senate is looking for a do over on the background checks bill. Some senators who voted against the bill are feeling some pressure and Reid thinks he might have had enough “fence sitter” this time to push it through. With the passing of Lattenberger it makes it a little more difficult. More than likely Governor Chris Christie will choose a Republican to replace the Democrat Senator hopefully adding a vote in the pro-gun side of the aisle. I hope Christie uses this as a chance to redeem himself with his party and choose a candidate strong in the Second Amendment instead of a “fence sitter” that can be swayed with half truths and doctored “facts.”

Even in times of peace we need to prepare for war so keep reminding your representatives from time to time who they work for and how you expect them for vote.

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  1. lwk2431 says:

    The real tragedy of the Senate is so many old farts like this hold on to their seats until they die – a clear argument for term limits.


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