More On Ricin Letters

Posted: May 31, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Yesterday I briefly touched on the news that two Ricin laced letters were sent to Mayor Bloomberg and his pet anti-gun group MAIG. Today the rabbit hole gets a little deeper. The secret service just announced that they intercepted a letter headed to the President that was similar to the ones delivered to Bloomberg and the MAIG office.

It is safe to say that us gun owners and pro-Second Amendment supporters should be ready to once again have the burden of blame placed square on our shoulders for the acts of another lunatic. Don’t think that this will be used to once again to make a push for control because they need every bit of help they can muster. With the emotional sting of Newtown practically forgotten in America’s fast paced memory they need another boost. They have already told us that this isn’t the end. Biden is saying Senators who voted against the Manchin Toomney bill are coming around and Mark And Gabby, the gun control duo, have themselves a new foundation aimed at “responsible solutions.” This isn’t over, just wait and see.

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