About a month ago I signed up for a VSM pistol 2 class. After completing a the VSM 1 I was eager to jump back in and see what the next class had to offer. I was told by a friend there was one coming shortly so I jumped on it as soon as it became open. I will give you a brief rundown of what to expect  without trying to give away too much of the class. I think it is only fair to the instructors and Vickers Tactical not to give away too much.

The Class was held at Tusco Gun Club which is a very fine club. I want to thank them again for having the class at their facility. I had never been there before and heard a lot of nice things about how great of a facility it was and was very happy to see all the rumors were true.

Tusco Gun Club is a top notch facility with great amenities.

Tusco Gun Club is a top notch facility with great amenities.

Just like the VSM 1 this class was again taught by Grant from G & R Tactical and his trusty sidekick Ben. The day started out with a short safety briefing and we quickly were out on the range for our warm up test. I started the day on a high note by passing scoring 5 points higher than the first class. After the test we worked on efficient drawing.  This seems like a simple concept but if you put your draw against a timer you will more than likely see there is room for improvement. Grant did a good job of breaking it down. He pointed out one mistake I was making and it helped me pick the front sight up faster but I still need much practice. I made my fastest draw time to shoot on target ever which was 1.3 sec.(before it was 1.6). I want to touch on this in the future because this is a very important piece of the self-defense puzzle that I feel goes over looked.

After the draws we moved on to cover Turns. We all walk and turn our bodies everyday and never have to think about it but putting that in motion with drawing and firing is a whole new ballgame. I will never look and how I turn my body the same way again. I did realize one thing about myself during this potion of the class. I am left-handed and right footed. I naturally pivot on my strong foot, which isn’t a problem, it is just backwards to most people. A right-handed person usually will look over their right shoulder when searching the area behind them and lefties look over their left. I naturally look over my right shoulder instead of my left. The thing that I had in my favor is the lifetime of soccer I have played and the turn drills were much like foot work drills I was used to from years ago. I picked up on my “uniqueness” quickly and was able to use it to my advantage after a while.

A shot of some of the class participants.

A shot of some of the class participants.

Shooting and moving came after lunch. Forward, backwards, and lateral were all covered.  This is also something that very few people get to try seeing as most ranges around the country are static. Most ranges will not even let you draw from a holster anymore let alone move while shooting. Again everyone needs to experience this at least once.

The rest of the day we did drills that incorporated all the stuff previously covered. Drawing, Turns, Moving and shooting. There were some looks at pistol effectiveness at distance covered also.

I had a good day and learned a bit about myself throughout the day. I realized I need to keep using the shot timer but I need to take my shooting back further. When I go to the range I am usually shooting between 3-7 yards which is your basic concealed carry distances. If you go to a Vickers class prepare yourself for distance. I also realized I need to get myself into some form of competition shooting. When I go to the range and shoot with my buddies I am calm and never find myself stressed. When I am in a class such as the one over the weekend and I am put out in front of a group of strangers I crumble. I found myself standing there waiting for the shot timer to go off thinking “Don’t screw up.” I need to get myself more accustomed to the stress of performing in front of other. Like I told the instructor after the class, I can take a list of drills and times to the range and perform  them when it is just me and one or two buddies but when it comes to the same drills with an audience I miss the times by nearly a second. All in all it was a great class and again I learned some stuff to practice and added plenty of tips and tricks that I can pass along to my future students.

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