The Flashbang: Good Bang for your Buck?

Posted: May 24, 2013 in Guest Posts, Reviews
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Today I am bringing the first ever guest post featured on the blog and I think it is a great one to start with. After I wrote the article Ladies: Keep Calm And Carry On I was approached by this reader. I have known her for quite a while now and had no idea that she was reading the blog let alone carrying a firearm. She told me she enjoyed the article and wondered if I was going to be contacting any of the companies I had listed. I told her I already had an email exchange with someone from Flashbang and I was waiting to hear back. She was tickled since that was the product I featured that caught her attention. Well weeks went by and I had heard no more from Flashbang even with repeated attempts to contact them. I was rather disappointed and so was she but she decided to bite the bullet and purchase one because she was dying to carry her new Sig p238. Right away she contacted me and told me she loved it. I have one rule when reviewing things and that is to use the item hard for no less than a month before I will put my stamp of approval on it. Well time has passed and she is still as excited about her Flashbang holster as the day she bought it.



As a gal who’s fairly new to the CCW world, I literally had no clue where to start when it was time to decide how I was going to carry my firearm. As far as I knew, I had a choice between a OWB holster, an IWB holster or purse carry. I decided to pick the brain of a good friend, a fellow firearms enthusiast who’s far more educated in this world than I, and he very kindly wrote a piece on his blog (Absolute BS) detailing the pro’s and con’s of various carry options (purse carry = bad choice ladies!), and offering up a few links to some woman friendly products that I should check out. Enter, The Flashbang.

Fresh out of the package!

Fresh out of the package!

The Sig in its new home

The Sig in its new home

The Flashbang is a thermoplastic clamshell design holster that attaches to your bra via a leather strap. It conveniently comes with 3 different size straps, allowing for multiple fit options. I picked mine up at my local range for $37.99, which is quite the steal compared to the $49.99 price tag on their website (

Extra Straps

Extra Straps

I’ve been wearing my Flashbang as my primary carry holster for about 5 weeks, which has given me ample time to discover the positives and negatives of the product. Being a newbie in EDC, comfort level was of utmost importance for me and the Flashbang was very surprisingly comfortable. Of course this didn’t come without some trial and error. Finding the right bra is a must! One of the few negatives I’ve found is it doesn’t work properly with just any bra in your closet. Luckily for me, I have a good variety to choose from and I didn’t have to go out and buy new but I have a feeling some ladies may have to. I found that the wider the center portion the better. The extra material allowed for a more stable draw of the firearm. Also very important…the bra band! When the Flashbang is attached, it ultimately adds the weight of your firearm to the weight of your ladies. Meaning, you resort back to the golden rule of womanhood, support is key! Once the bra situation itself was figured out, I realized just how amazing the Flashbang was at being “deeply concealed”. Even under the tightest of shirts, not a single person was able to tell that I was carrying. This is a big deal as summer is right around the corner and a ladies wardrobe tends to be very minimal in warmer months, so a deep conceal option is ideal. The only other drawback I’ve come across is the fact that the days are getting hotter and carrying quite literally on the body allows for some perspiration issues. Not ideal especially for ladies, but it’s very very minimal (at least for myself personally).

The Sig just disappears!!

The Sig just disappears!!

Side profile

Side profile

Overall, I thoroughly enjoy the Flashbang. It is a standout option for women in a mainly male dominated domain. In my opinion, it allows us ladies to have a unique advantage. With any holster, it takes a little getting used to. You know that it is there but it’s one of those deals where the longer you wear it, it just becomes a part of you so to speak. It also defied my expectations when it came to easy access. I was able to get my draw time to 1.6 seconds. Not bad if you ask me 😉


Thanks again for the great contribution and I hope that we will be able to have some more reviews and articles from her in the future.

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  1. iwb holster says:

    Great review! And like any other holsters, it takes a while to get used to wearing the flashbang. It may not be comfortable at first but wearing it even at home while doing regular chores will definitely help you get used to it. Thanks for sharing.

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