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As some of you know I am a moderator over on Shooters Legion. We are proud to announce the newest addition to the site, a brand new firearms and gear auction site named Shooters Bid. Shooters Bid is owned and operated by the same great staff from the Shooters Legion site so you can expect h same friendly and knowledgeable staff that will quickly and efficiently help you with any questions or concerns. Shooters Bid was created after seeing a need for an auction site that was more cost-effective over the other sites already available.

The cool part about Shooters bid is they only charge a flat $3 bucks to list anything and you only pay that fee when your item sells. Also, there is no fee to relist if your item does not sell. Many other auction sites charge an insertion fee and a final evaluation fee. This could mean a person could be charged upwards of $16-20 for a $500-$750 item + CC fees accessed after the transaction is completed. No worries about that from Shooters Bid. The creators hope to bring a more cost-effective venue for auction style commerce to the firearms industry.

If you are already a member of Shooters Legion (and if you aren’t why not?) you can use the promo code “shooters” for a 6 month free trial. After the 6 month trial is up access is still free but your listings will begin to be charged the standard $3 once the item sells.

Head over and check it out. Keep in mind it is still in beta testing but so far everything is running smoothly so there is no worries. Again if you aren’t a member of Shooters Legion shame on you. Click this link to become my friend instantly as soon as your registration is complete. Think of it as Facebook for the pro-Second Amendment nation. I hope to see you over there soon!

Happy Bidding,



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