The Boston Shootout

Posted: May 21, 2013 in Uncategorized
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I know it sounds cold hearted and maybe it is but I can’t stand hearing “Boston Strong.” When I hear that all I can think of is a lot of people holed up in their houses while nearly 9000 law enforcement officers bring the sights and sounds of Fallujah a little closer to home. There is my little rant for the day.

On to some news about the shootout that happened with the brothers. We already discussed the fact that they were not armed with an “assault rifle” that the media reported at first. In fact they were only armed with a single 9mm Ruger pistol and more homemade bombs. Still some scary stuff, just not what the media wanted. Now almost a month later we are getting some insight about what happened during the incident. From a story on CNN

— Police fired nearly 300 rounds of ammunition within five to 10 minutes as they confronted the suspects — 100 more than initially reported. And that included one round that nearly killed Massachusetts Transit Police Officer Richard Donohue. (Others bullets struck the Tsarnaev brothers, seriously injuring Dzhokhar and contributing to the death of Tamerlan.)

— Tamerlan was the only brother armed with a handgun. The only other weapons they had were the homemade explosives that police say the brothers tossed out of the hijacked vehicle, including a few that detonated.

— Police accidentally fired on an unoccupied black SUV during the mayhem. “In the chaos, an officer or trooper (or some combination of personnel) mistook it for one of the two suspect vehicles,” David Procopio of the Massachusetts State Police told CNN

Friendly fire….. is anyone surprised? Not all the explosives they used worked. And they shot up a car not even involved in the chaos which sounds like the happenings in California during the Donner ordeal.

I’m not ragging on the cops, I am only pointing out this stuff because we hear constantly that we need to lay down our arms and let the professionals carry the guns. I’m sorry but no.

We all need to remember one last thing also, the police are not the ones who found the remaining suspect. It was an average citizen.

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  1. 1wanderingtruthseeker says:

    I agree with your rant. The government is taking rights by the handful away from us. Do Not lay your guns down!

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