So Apparently Glocks Are Junk And You Should Send Them All To Me

Posted: May 15, 2013 in Uncategorized
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If you have one of these pesky Glocks just do yourself a favor and send it to me. The Palm Beach Sheriff’s office has a problem with cracking firing pins and instead of thinking things out a little bit they automatically claim their Glocks to be junk. Even though 65% of the nation’s law enforcement agencies carry the same guns and are not having problems with their guns the Palm Beach Sheriff’s office managed to get some Glock reps to fly in and take a look at the problem. Knowing that we are in a bit of an ammo pinch I would say it is safe to bet that they had to make a switch in their training ammo.

The one quote of the article that made me laugh was this…

 I mean I don’t put an excessive amount of rounds through my gun. I fire maybe five to six hundred rounds a year out of it.

LOL! Five to six hundred a year? Last year before all the crazy that was 3 weeks to a month worth of ammo for me and some of my shooting buddies.


I would hate to guess how many thousands of round I have through my 19 and I have had zero light primer strikes. I will post up a picture of my firing pin tomorrow when I have a minute so make sure you head over to Facebook and like the page so you can catch a glimpse of it.


Contact me for the shipping address for all those worthless Glocks,



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