Rob Pinccus Ruffling Feathers

Posted: May 8, 2013 in Uncategorized
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I like Rob, not just because he is often found in Ohio but, because he has some great ideas and puts on a hell of a class. While speaking at a seminar during the NRA conference Rob rubbed the anti’s the wrong way with what they perceive as a typical crazy idea from a bunch of knuckle dragging, gun-toting rednecks, that is the NRA.

Here is a video of him speaking.

How many of my readers are outraged by the suggestion of putting a SAFE in a closet, locked and inaccessible to children? I’m not. In fact I have considered this long before Rob talked about it. I have tinkered with a product I picked up at the SHOT Show and have been taking notes on it to bring a decent and objective review to the readers.

Make sure you click the link above and check out all the pictures of *gasp* children handling guns!!! It is pretty obvious that the Daily Mail reporter is really grasping at straws. He must have missed the memo that the “It’s for the children” push is over and now the US media is just sitting around waiting for the next tragedy to roll around so they can pin it on the NRA or law-abiding gun owners. How about I leave you with this thought? If the mother of the Connecticut shooter had her guns in a safe inaccessible to her child (that she knew had some problems) would we be having this discussion now? Let’s not forget safes and locks are a requirement for responsible gun owners.

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