Glocks With Beaver Tails?!?!?!

Posted: May 8, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Wait, wait, wait! I can’t say that I’m upset because I have the classic Glock rail marks on my shooting hand that all real Glock enthusiasts have but come on!!!! I have waited patiently now for  some time. In fact the precise amount of time I have waited is from the time that Smith and Wesson came out with the Shield. I have been begging for something from Glock to compete with S&W. Then in Vegas we get Springfield coming into the game with their XDS 9. WHERE IS MY SINGLE STACKED 9MM?!?!?! When I and the rest of the Glock shooters asked you for some innovation we meant a little more than a beaver tail grip panel.

Who is with me? Let me know. Head over to Facebook or Shooters Legion and give me your thoughts.

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