Now For The Sigh Of Relief

Posted: April 29, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Now that the dust has settled we are getting accurate detail of the Boston bombing situation. I don’t want to waste a lot of time talking about it anymore than I already have mainly because this is being shoved down most of America’s throat on every tv and radio station out there right now. I will cut to the chase and just tell you now that everyone that was holding their breath waiting for another backlash on “Assault Weapons” because of the initial shootout that took the life of the elder terrorist can breath a little sigh of relief. Sources have told ABC News that a single gun was found and it was a Ruger 9MM.

Michael Bane had a great blog post on this today explaining how things work in a gun-free paradise. It is a great read and I higly recommend heading over there and letting him know I sent you. Here is a little excerpt from his post:

After those rollicking crazy Boston boys blasted an eight-year-old into
oblivion, they did a little workout at the gym and planned to head to New York
City to party party party. A problemo surfaces…they only had one pistol. I
mean, two terrorists, one pistol, not gonna look good on FaceBook, n’est-ce
? So did the boys race to an Internet cafe to buy maybe a dozen or so
full-auto assault weapons off the Internet, with same-day shipping? Speed to a
LGS for the “Tuesday Terrorist Two-Fer, No NCIS No Way”? Wait for the weekend
gun show where they could stock up on RPGs, grenades and those rifles with the
shoulder thingie that sticks up?

None of
the above
. Instead, they went to the one firearms superstore
where they were sure guns would be in stock…they walked up to the police car
of MIT Officer Sean Collier, killed him in very cold blood and tried to grab his
gun. The reason those lovable Holden Caulfield-esque urchins failed on that task
was that apparently the Islamic Terrorism 101 class on the Internet doesn’t
include retention holsters, disabling of. Don’t worry…I’m sure the curriculum
will be updated any moment now!

Michael has a way of putting things that just impresses the hell out of me.

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